Professional sellers

Listing tools & specifications

There are lots of things professional sellers can do to ensure their listings are best optimised to make a sale.

Setting up your listings

We recommend using popular keywords that are relevant to the item, such as type of brand, specifications and SKU, whilst not abusing our terms and conditions by keyword spamming.

This is because our search algorithm analyses keywords within the title and description of a listing, among other considerations, when producing search results.

It’s also useful to leave out any internal codes that may confuse viewers like product codes or jargon that isn’t widely known.

Descriptions should follow a structure that’s consistent with your other listings. The following structure could be used for retail items:

  • product title
  • tagline (e.g. "Buy direct from the importer")
  • description of goods
  • specifications
  • warranty/shipping information.

Category mapping

Each product, SKU and listing belongs in a specific category. It’s important that you list your items in the right category as this makes it easy for people to find the items they want – either by searching through the categories, or when they use the keyword search function.

Some categories have special features like attributes that make it easier for buyers to identify items.

We make our category codes available to everyone. If you are creating a .csv file as part of selling through My Products or the API, you need to accurately map each product with the corresponding category. We require you to use the last four digits of the category code.

We’re constantly updating categories to ensure they’re as relevant to buyers and sellers as possible. We notify affected sellers and key integrators of any categories changes in advance – always by announcement and usually by email if the update will directly affect your listings. 

Plus, we almost always migrate live listings to the new relevant category on the sellers’ behalf, however we recommend reviewing your own category data after every relevant category change.

Selling tools

We’re focussed on helping you make as many sales as possible and offer various tools to help increase your sales.

For more info about the tools available, head to the integration partners article.


In a number of growing categories we use attributes, which are structured pieces of data that describe a product or service. Some attributes are mandatory, like ’size’ in clothing & fashion, while others are optional, like ‘brand’ in clothing & fashion.

Attributes enable buyers to quickly and easily find listings they’re interested in, which in turn should improve sales. We recommend filling out all attributes when you’re selling items (whether they’re mandatory or optional), so that your products are included in as many relevant buyer searches as possible.


Multi-variant listings options allow you to have colour and size variants within a listing for all marketplace categories. Please check with your integrator to confirm whether this feature is available to you and how to implement it. 

If it is not available via your integration method then variants will need to be broken down into individual listings.

Multiple-quantity listings

Multiple-quantity listings (MQLs) are designed to give you an easier and smarter way to sell one or more of the same product on Trade Me.

MQLs are created by clicking on ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ during the listing process. The MQL option will help you repeat-sell with ease by staying open for the whole listing duration, while up to 1,000 units are sold.

MQLs reduce the hassle for relisting, and will also provide a better buying experience for members as they can purchase more than one item in a transaction. It should help encourage trading growth, and we plan to keep improving this type of listing for sellers and buyers.

Promotional pricing

As part of pricing, ‘was/now’ pricing is an effective way for professional sellers to advertise their discounted pricing, making items more visible in search results and listing details. Was/now pricing is available to all Trade Me Stores.

We’ve added an ‘on sale’ filter so buyers can choose to only see items that have was/now pricing when they are browsing on desktop and mobile.

With was/now pricing, it’s really important that sellers are responsible when using this feature. Please see more information about our promotional guidelines.