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Payment, shipping and pick up

Our tips for receiving payments and sending your sold items.

Receiving payment


Payments received via Ping are available instantly in your Ping account – less a 1.95% transaction fee.

Once the buyer has paid, you can:

  • Transfer your balance to your nominated bank account. You can also enable automatic daily transfers.

  • Top-up your Trade Me account.

  • Keep the money in your Ping wallet, to spend on Trade Me later.

Learn more your Ping balance.


Buyers pay in four instalments, but you receive payment instantly – less a 4.95% transaction fee.

Payments are transferred to your nominated bank account automatically every business day, the day after payment is received.

Learn more about your Pay Now & Afterpay account.

Internet banking

If you prefer to handle your own payments, you can receive payment via direct deposit, cash on pick-up, or your own onsite EFTPOS facilities.

  • For internet banking, you’ll need to send buyers your bank account details.

  • Allow up to one week for them to make payment, and for it to clear. Most buyers will pay within a couple of days. Remember not to release the goods until you’ve received payment.

Learn more about receiving payment via internet banking.


Buyers want quick, hassle-free shipping – so carefully consider which carrier(s) you choose to send your items with.


Items should be shipped as soon as possible, and no later than three days after receiving payment. Don’t send the item until the buyer’s payment is confirmed.

If there’s a delay with shipping, let the buyer know right away. If you’re consistently experiencing delays with your carrier, consider updating your shipping timeframes in your Shipping Templates.

Combined shipping

The next best thing to offering free shipping is offering combined shipping. This can help attract buyers, by making it cheaper for your customers to buy multiple items.

Shipping prices can be combined in a few ways:

  • Multiple quantity listings (MQL): Select to charge shipping per item, rather than per order.

  • Shipping Templates: Select ‘+ Add combined shipping option’ when creating or editing a template. This option is available for buyers to choose – to be selected if they’ve paid shipping on another item.

  • Post-sale: Partially refund the buyer’s payment when combining multiple items in one parcel. Success fees and transaction fees are refunded automatically when refunding via Ping or Afterpay.

Learn more about Shipping Templates.

The shipping cost is higher than expected. What can I do?

If the buyer chose the wrong shipping option for their address, let them know – and how much extra they need to pay. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to send them your bank account details.

If the buyer chose the correct shipping option for their address, but the shipping cost was higher than expected for another reason, you’ll need to update the shipping prices on your listing(s) for future sales.

What happens if the sale falls through?

Regardless of the reason or situation, if the buyer has paid and won’t be receiving the goods – they need to be refunded.

Find out what you can do if:

For Buy Now only listings with Ping and/or Afterpay, you won’t need any more info from the buyer – their delivery address and payment are required before a purchase ID is created. 

If you run auctions or accept offsite payment, delivery details and payment are sorted after a purchase ID is created. Consider switching your listings to Buy Now only + Ping/Afterpay.