Professional sellers

Quick start selling guide

Our guide has you covered with all you need to know about creating listings, payment options, and policies.

Ways to create listings

Listing tools

Most professional sellers on Trade Me use a listing tool. These can help you save time and money by efficiently managing your inventory, listings, sales, and feedback.

Other benefits:

  • Automation of some Trade Me functions (e.g. relist, feedback).

  • Multi-variant listings.

  • Listings and sales don’t expire after 45 days.

  • Metrics and reports available.

Learn more about listing tools.

Manual listings

While we recommend that all professional sellers use a listing tool, items can still be listed directly via

There are some limitations:

  • No automated relist or feedback option.

  • Closed listings and sales expire after 45 days.

  • No product template options.

Learn more about manual listings.

Payment options

Learn more about ways to get paid.


Offering Ping gives buyers more peace of mind – by offering Buyer Protection. A 1.95% transaction fee applies.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Pay instantly via credit or debit card

  • No need to make manual bank payments.

  • Payments are made instantly.

  • Offers Buyer Protection.

Benefits for you:

  • No need to share your bank account details, or chase up payments.

  • Instant payments – funds can be set to transfer to your bank account every business day.

  • Protection against fraudulent transactions.

  • Buyer Protection can make your listings more attractive.

Learn more about Ping.


Afterpay is becoming increasingly popular with NZ shoppers. Retailers can typically expect a 20% increase* in conversion. A 4.95% transaction fee applies to Afterpay sales.

To offer Afterpay as a payment option, you’ll need to register and verify your bank account details.

Learn more about Afterpay.

Other payment options

Bank deposit 

To get paid this way, you’ll need to send your bank account details to the buyer – via email or payment instructions.

Cash on pick-up

Buyers can pay when they collect the item. Ensure someone is there in-person to receive payment. You can also offer payment in-person using your existing EFTPOS facilities.

Shipping & pick-up options

Choose how the buyer will receive their purchase.

Free shipping

Shipping is free to all NZ destinations. If you want to charge for rural delivery or certain areas (e.g. Waiheke Island), you’ll need to specify shipping costs and specify the cost for each destination.

Specify shipping costs

Enter individual prices for multiple destinations and service levels. Shipping Templates can enhance these further, allowing you to provide estimated timeframes – including packing and handling times.

To be arranged

No delivery options will be available for the buyer to choose from. You’ll need to let the buyer know the cost to ship after they buy, which can add time and complexity to your sales.

Pick up

Specify whether buyers can pick up their purchase from a collection point, like your physical store or warehouse. If you require a phone number for delivery, we can make this field mandatory for buyers – contact us to request this.

Rules & policies

We know you’re eager to get going! Just a few housekeeping things before you start – to make sure you have a great time selling on our platform.

The basics:

  • You can’t list or sell anything that’s illegal to sell in New Zealand.

  • As an in-trade seller, you need to be familiar with New Zealand consumer law and your obligations.

  • Our Code of conduct outlines what we expect of our members when using our platform.

Be sure to check out:

Learn more about your obligations as a professional seller.

*Afterpay website