Professional sellers

Personalised delivery location now available

We've now rolled out our next big update for Trade Me Shipping into our apps - the personaliastion of shipping options.

On Monday 10th October, we began rolling out our next big update for Trade Me Shipping into our iOS and Android Apps. This change is based around the personalisation of shipping options based on the buyer’s delivery locations.

  • We’ve removed the need for buyers to manually set a delivery location, and will instead automatically determine a delivery location based on the member’s most recent account address.
  • We’ve improved our delivery location mapping so that we’ll have a much higher level of accuracy for Urban and Rural locations. We’ve based this on the NZ Post postcode level definitions for Urban and Rural. This means our members who live in rural areas will see more accurate rural shipping prices, and will be less likely to accidentally select urban delivery options. This will result in a more streamlined process for our sellers

These changes mean that Trade Me members browsing our Marketplace will now see much more personalised and accurate shipping information, which will in turn help our sellers generate more sales.

What does this mean for you?

We encourage all of our professional sellers on Trade Me Marketplace to check out how their shipping templates have been set up. This is to ensure that you are able to take advantage of our personalisation changes, and provide the best possible shipping price for buyers.

If your shipping templates are not set up properly, other sellers who have set up more detailed shipping templates may be more likely to offer cheaper shipping prices in certain scenarios. The more detailed and accurate your shipping options are, the higher likelihood you have of selling your products on Trade Me Marketplace.

Here are some quick things that you can check against your own shipping templates:

Make sure you have rural options available.

15% of Trade Me deliveries go to rural areas, so it’s important to make sure you have applicable rural options that these users can select.

Many sellers have a single nationwide urban delivery option available on their listings, but no equivalent rural option. Even if the price is the same as your nationwide urban option, you still need to duplicate this template and change it to a ‘non-urban’ option, in order to have a rural delivery option available.

Learn more about rural addresses in New Zealand here.

Add ‘within region’ and ‘within island’ delivery options.

This applies to parcels that have a tiered pricing structure, with lower cost delivery options for ‘within region’ (when the recipient is in the same region as your dispatch) and ‘within island’ (when the recipient is on the same island, i.e. North Island, South Island).

It’s worth checking that you have within region and within island options available, as these will allow you to present cheaper shipping options.

Remove any unnecessary shipping options.

For parcel-based shipping, the following hierarchy is used:

  1. Same region
  2. Same island
  3. Inter-island

So if you are an Auckland based seller, the only parcel-based delivery options that you’d need to configure are:

Auckland Urban (within region urban delivery price)

Auckland Rural (within region rural delivery price)

North Island Urban (within island urban delivery price)

North Island Rural (within island rural delivery price)

South Island Urban (inter island urban delivery price)

South Island Rural (inter island rural delivery price)

For bag based shipping, delivery options are nationwide, so the delivery options that you’ll need to configure are:

Nationwide Urban (nationwide urban bag delivery price)

Nationwide Rural (nationwide rural bag delivery price)