Professional sellers

Our top listing tips

Ready to take your selling game to the next level? We've got tips to help you become a Professional Seller on Trade Me.

Do your research

Keep an eye on your competition. Check out what similar items are selling for, so you can stay ahead of the game. Price is important, but isn’t always the bottom line. Buyers want to be confident about what they’re buying, and have peace of mind knowing they’re buying from a trusted seller. 

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Available products and variety.

  • Shipping options – including price and delivery times.

  • Warranties and after-sale care.

Once you know what you’re up against, you’ll be able to create great offerings for buyers!

Search boost

Our search algorithm favours the best listings on offer to buyers. You can take advantage of this boost by improving the quality of your listings.

Search will favour listings where:

  • The seller has good feedback history.

  • Detailed shipping options with Shipping Templates are included.

  • Ping is an available payment option.

Make a great listing


Keep it short. Only include important things like the brand and product name – you might want to include a model number and some basic specifications here too.

Steer clear of putting promotional messages here – try using a subtitle instead.


Be honest, be detailed, be relevant and include all relevant information. Things like specifications, features and benefits, and the item’s condition if it’s not brand new. It’s also good to think about how buyers might search for that item.

Top tips:

  • Put the most important information at the top.

  • Use lists for key points and benefits. To create a list, use a dash (-) for each line – these will show as bullet points on-site.

  • Include any other info that customers should know before they buy.

  • Don’t make any claims that can’t be backed up by evidence.

  • Don’t use keywords that aren’t directly related to the item, or refer to similar products and brands.


Having top-notch photos will make all the difference in getting your items noticed.

Our top tips for great pics:

  • Use your own photos. Don’t use stock images, unless you have permission from the owner.

  • Use a high-quality camera or a high-end phone.

  • Make sure your photos are in focus.

  • Show the item from all angles.

  • Take photos in a well-lit environment. Plain backgrounds are best – but it’s also good to show the item in situ too.

Shipping, shipping, shipping

Having great value shipping options is another way to make your listings stand out from the competition. Finding a balance between low prices and fast delivery is key.

Should I offer free shipping?

Free shipping is the most attractive option to buyers – but it’s not the only factor they consider. Many buyers are happy to pay a premium for fast delivery. Some sellers might offer free basic economy shipping, while charging for paid express options.

Shipping Templates

An absolute must-have. Shipping Templates show buyers info-rich shipping options – and can save you time with listing setup.

  • Personalised shipping options – based on the buyer’s delivery location.

  • Estimated delivery timeframes – based on the carrier product and your order cutoff and handling times.

  • Option to offer combined shipping. You set the price – free, or an extra charge per item.

  • Once created, Templates can be bulk applied to multiple listings. 

Learn more about Shipping Templates.

Your profile

This is your virtual storefront, so make it stand out – first impressions count! Your profile should be professional and friendly. Use a good profile picture, and include some information about yourself and your business.

Learn how to update your profile.

Want your business to really stand out?

For an enhanced virtual storefront, check out our Stores product:

  • Professional online storefront with your own branding.

  • Access to buyer and product analytics.

  • Feature on our Stores page.

  • Mark items as clearance or on sale.

  • Unique Store URL.