4 reasons to buy refurbished tech

Buying refurbished tech means you'll get a great gadget in great condition for even greater value!

Last updated: 2 May 2023

What is refurbished tech?

Refurbished tech are products that have been used but are then reconditioned. They’re required to pass a performance standard through a certified testing process too.

Buying refurbished tech makes buying second-hand tech super straight forward – to know the item has passed a performance test means you can buy with confidence and many will even include a warranty. On top of that, buying from a professional seller means that the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to your trade giving you even more confidence.

Why buy refurbished tech?

1. It's great value for money

It’s usually much cheaper than buying brand new, and while on some products there might be a couple of scratches or small cosmetic imperfections (check the description for these details), refurbished products will be in great functioning condition.

You’ll find the most value in refurbished tech if you:

  • Aren’t phased about possible minor cosmetic imperfections.
  • Don’t care about having the absolute latest model. Ideal for younger or older family members!
  • Want to try out a new make or brand before buying brand new.

2. It's eco-friendly

New Zealand produces about 80,000 tonnes of electronic waste every year, but we recycle less than 2% of it. The materials in e-waste contain chemicals like mercury and lead, which ultimately end up in our soil, water and air.

If you can give that refurbished iPad or set of headphones a second-life, you’ll be proactively contributing to a better future for the planet. They also make the perfect gift for your environmentally-conscious aunty (or your butter-fingered bestie)!

3. There's a huge variety of models

Technology is developing so quickly that brand new models lose their value as soon as you take them home.

With older models becoming redundant in shorter periods of time, it can be frustrating to be ‘expected’ to regularly upgrade.

There’s generally more variety when it comes to browsing refurbished tech – while you might not be able to replace your two-year-old broken iPhone with the same version in-store, it’s likely you’ll find it in refurbished condition.

4. It’s easy with Trade Me Sellers

Trade Me Stores such as Mobile City, Sennheiser and Green Gadgets offer a great range of refurbished tech including phones, tablets, headphones & more!

These are just a few of the many Trade Me sellers making it easy for you to buy refurbished tech with confidence. And don't forget, when you pay with Ping or Afterpay, we've got your back with Buyer Protection too!

Don’t be scared of refurbished tech – embrace it! You don’t need to compromise on functionality, it’s better for the environment, and great value for money. So go on – explore our wide range of refurbished goods on-site today.

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