Professional sellers

Top tips for professional sellers

Once you’ve got the basics of creating great listings sorted, these tips can help you to take things further.

Multiple-quantity listings

MQLs, or multiple-quantity listings, give you the opportunity to list more than one of the same item, within the same listing.

  • Buy Now only, meaning quick and easy sales.

  • Ability to sell more than one item per listing – reduce spend on promotional extra fees.

  • Each purchase counts toward your sales summary. If there are no sales, it will only count as one unsold listing.


Select the available quantity under ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ during the listing process. 

Using My Products

Select the ‘List as Buy Now only’ option.


Trade Me’s in-house card payment facility. 

  • Makes buying and selling easier, faster and safer. 

  • Customers can make instant payments from their credit/debit card, or Ping balance.

A New Zealand bank account is required to sell on Trade Me – including receiving Ping payments.

If you have an overseas bank account, you’ll need to register as an international seller.


Our pos-paid Trade Me account option. With Autobiller enabled, your products can relist without manually topping up your Trade Me account. Without Autobiller, your Trade Me account balance must be $0.00 or higher to start a listing, or for products to relist.

How it works

  • Your Trade Me account is able to fall into a negative balance – and you can continue to list as normal.

  • Once a week, we’ll charge the outstanding balance to your selected payment method.

  • We'll email you the day before – to let you know the amount that will be charged.

  • You can still manually top up when Autobiller is enabled.

Set up Autobiller now.

If an Autobiller charge fails, we'll notify you via email, and Autobiller will be turned off. Any outstanding debt will need to be paid before re-enabling.

Combined shipping

Available to listing tool users. Buyers can qualify for free shipping when using the Shopping Cart.

  • Set a threshold to activate the offer: dollar value or item quantity.

  • Any listing with Buy Now and Ping will be eligible, where a Cart purchase is made.

  • Eligible listings that meet the offer threshold will have free shipping applied.

Find out how to set this up in My Products. For other listing tool users, contact your provider.​​

Product photography

Your product photos are often the first impression buyers get. As a professional seller, your photos are one of your biggest assets for marketing your products.

Tips for great pics:

  • Images should be high quality, pleasant to look at, and accurately portray your product.

  • Take care with lighting, so it doesn’t distort the colour of the item – especially when viewed on a phone or computer screen.

  • Plain backgrounds are best, ideally white. It can be good to include some in situ shots too.

  • Images should be sharp and in focus.

  • Show all angles of the product, and things like labels and accessories.

  • Include pictures of any damage or defects.

  • Images should be your own – unless you have permission from the rights holder.

Learn more about the Marketplace photo policy and guidelines.

Multi-variant listings (MVL)

Ideal for products with multiple options and versions (like colour and size) – MVLs are a smarter way to sell product variants. Each variant has its own listing ID, but we treat the collection as a single listing on the buyer's end – making it easier to find the right item.

  • No extra cost – but you’ll need a listing tool (except for My Products).

  • Reduce your promotional spend – extras are charged once, but applied to all variants.

  • Can help lift your sell-through rate with variants combined into one listing – making Top Seller Status easier to achieve.

  • Only counts as one listing against your listing allowance.