Kiwi want what? 2022 edition.

We've seen some pretty interesting trends, searches & purchases on Trade Me throughout 2022!

Last updated: 12 June 2023

Here is a round up of some of our favourite and totally unexpected trends from 2022.

1. Waxing kits

Despite rising living costs, there are certain things Kiwi ain’t prepared to sacrifice…! DIY waxing kits were hot in April. With summer upon us, they’re sure to be a popular watchlist item yet again.

If you’ve also been wondering how to maintain your beauty regime while tightening those purse strings – make your money go further with a DIY beauty purchase.

From wax warmers to UV nail lamps, lash and brow dye kits and more – you’ll find a wide range of salon equipment on Trade Me.

Three, two, one…pull!

2. Lladró Figurines

From Romeo and Juliet, to wholesome vintage scenes – the bidding wars on limited edition Lladró figurines made it clear these porcelain collectables are to kiln for…

At a time when digital collectables are all the rage, we were surprised to see these exquisitely hand-crafted, highly detailed Spanish porcelain figures make May’s trending list.

Whether it’s the way Lladró can expertly bring life and emotion to porcelain form, the sweet, nostalgic landscapes, or the fact that fewer limited-edition figures are now on the market – these gorgeous realities and their endearing subjects are captivating the country.

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Queen of 50 states, she’s elegance and taste, she’s Miss United Lladró.

3. Cheesecloths and nut milk strainers

With the eye-watering price of dairy this past year, people were going nuts for cheesecloths and nut milk strainers on Trade Me back in June.

These tiny pieces of fabric were on many a watchlist, suggesting that making your own cheese and plant-based milk at home may not be a strain at all!

The small and versatile items have made a comeback as a modern-day kitchen must-have. From reducing plastic consumption to creating food at home – you can also use all-purpose strainers to strain chicken stock, brew coffee and even infuse liquor.

Whether it’s a set of hemp nut milk bags, or cotton cheesecloths, try this trend for yourself. Go on… cheese the day

Making your own milk is cheesy as!

4. Hot sauce

Kiwi found a way to heat things up last chillie season in July, with searches for hot sauce spicing up on Trade Me.

Hot sauce is serious business, with spice profiles ranging from beginner-level, to eye-watering, to reaper. It appears Kiwi have the hots for a particular Motueka Hotel hot sauce. But proceed with caution – this stuff is fire!

Whether you think you can handle the heat or tend to be more of a “mild thanks!” – the only way to find out what your taste buds are truly capable of, is to put them to the test. And what better way to do that than with a hot sauce challenge?!

In fact, we even dared the Trade Me team and it brought some of the team to tears. We’re either brave, or naive!

Hot hot hotter… can you handle the heat?

5. Crystals (particularly agate…)

Curious about crystals? Of quartz you are! If August told us anything about online shopping crazes, it’s that Kiwi love their rocks – especially agate.

Characterised by contrasting bands of colours, no two agate stones are the same, making them a popular choice for lapidists. Oh, and they’re also said to enhance mental function, strengthen your intuition and convert negative energy into positive energy. Yes please!

The evidence to back it up, you ask? Erm… it’s not crystal clear. What has been suggested, though, is that our minds’ ability to simply believe in the healing properties of crystals might be more powerful than the crystal itself. Positive energy here we come.

From Amethyst to Rose Quartz to every other crystal under the sun, there’s a special stone out there for everyone!

Solar power up your crystal collection with some charging sun rays this summer

What’s next?

That’s a wrap for 2022, but don’t worry, we’ll be back next month with our five unexpected searches onsite.

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