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Commercial Partnership Agreements FAQs

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Who can sign up for a Partnership Agreement?
All Commercial For Sale customers are eligible for a Partnership Agreement. 

How long do I have to sign up for?
There is no initial term when joining Trade Me Property on a Partnership Agreement. You are required to provide a minimum 90 days’ notice if you wish to terminate your Partnership Agreement. You will continue to pay the reduced rates for the advertising products used until the 90 days’ notice has expired. 

Can I opt out after signing up?
You are required to provide a minimum 90 days’ notice to terminate your Partnership Agreement. 

Can I exclude certain listings?
We do not currently offer any exclusions in Commercial on Partnership Agreements. 

Will I have to pay base listing fees on a Partnership Agreement?
No, there are no base listing fees when on a Commercial Partnership Agreement. 

Will I get BrandingPlus for my listings?
Yes, Commercial for Sale Partnership Agreements grant you access to BrandingPlus at an office level. Please see here for an overview. 

Our office is in Auckland but we list properties throughout New Zealand, what zone do we fall under?
Commercial does not have any zoning and so is therefore uniform across the country. 

Do you have more questions to ask?
Your dedicated Account Manager and friendly customer service team are on hand to help you understand more about our Partnership Agreements and how they can help you grow your business. Get in touch today.