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Find and win your next property listing

With more than 10,000 agents competing for business in New Zealand, the industry can be a tough nut to crack!

Have you secured a real estate license and are ready to make 2021 your breakout year? Or have you sold most of your stock and need another listing? 

One of the hardest decisions for a vendor is choosing an agent to sell their home. By embracing technology, digital systems and online advertising platforms, you can effectively position your personal brand, build your credibility and reach a wider number of prospective vendors. 

Here are some ways to help you find and win your next listing: 

1. Stand out from the crowd 

Want to take authority in your suburb? When a prospective vendor is searching Trade Me Property listings to see which agents are selling in their suburb, you can strategically influence their decision through your listing type. 

By upgrading to Premium Listing, your authority and marketing expertise may trigger the vendor to find out more about you and what you have to offer by clicking through to your agent profile. 

2. Build your profile 

Just like finding at doctor who you trust, a vendor's first decision is to find the right agent to sell their most valuable asset. Prospective vendors will do their research by checking out profiles of agents before making a short list and contacting them. 

OneHub is a platform designed exclusively for agents to ensure you're part of this research. Build your own agent profile and showcase your recent sales, current listings and personality in front of NZ's most active and engaged property audience*. 

3. Become a data rockstar 

Knowledge is power, and both buyers and sellers respect knowledgeable agents who can speak intelligently about trends and outlooks for their area. 

  • Keep an eye on Property Insights as a starting point in understanding the movements of your market plus recent sales in your area 

  • Talk to your Trade Me Property sales team – they’re armed with in depth insights for your market, effective marketing techniques, digital trends and of course all the products available to you. They'll help you quickly navigate through various options to steer you in the right direction. 

4. Make your content marketing count 

Whether it’s to solve a problem, inspire, or to educate, relevant content can be used effectively to build trust in your brand and position you as a market authority. Think of it as a way to provide value, and as a result, attract new prospects who you can nurture. 

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*Trade Me site statistics 01 - 30 September 2020