Package products and upgrades

These products and features are included in our marketing packages and are designed to put your property listings and brand in front of more buyers and potential sellers.

Position in search results

Being higher in search results reminds new and existing buyers to view the property, and helps to build brand familiarity with potential sellers. 

Recent research shows that familiarity was the top determining factor for a vendor when choosing a salesperson to list with.^

Position your brand as the market expert in the area, and showcase your vendor's property, by elevating your listings to the top of relevant search results with a marketing package. 

Position in search results

Where will my listing appear in search?*

  • Highest placement in search results with the largest listing card for Platinum Packages and Gold Packages, followed by Bronze and Starter Packages.
  • Silver has a large listing card in search results for three weeks, then drops down to a medium listing card.

Search results rotation

How often will my listing be rotated?*

With search results rotation, your listing is elevated to the top of the search results tier a certain number of times based on the package you choose:

  • Platinum Package listings - 7 times, every 3 days for 3 weeks.
  • Gold Package listings - 3 times, once a week for 3 weeks.
  • Silver Package listings - 1 time, second week.
  • Bronze Package listings - 1 time, third week.
*Note: Only applicable when a search is sorted by ‘Featured first’.

Large listing card

Large, eye-catching photos and branding make a listing stand out within Trade Me Property search result pages.

Large listing card in search

  • Largest photos in search to showcase the property’s best features.
  • Most prominent branding - displays the agent's name, personal profile picture and the agency logo.

Available on the Platinum and Gold Package for 6 months and Silver Package for 3 weeks (unless sold or withdrawn).

Note: Silver is large for 3 weeks and then drops down to a medium size listing card.

Medium listing card

Steal the spotlight from Base listings, with more branding and a larger property image.

Medium sized listing card in search results

  • Larger photos than a Base Listing card.
  • Branding - displays the agent's name, agency logo and brand colour.

Available on the Bronze and Starter Packages.

Note: Silver is large for 3 weeks and then drops down to a medium sized listing card.

Search carousel

Appear at the top of relevant search results in a carousel on desktop.

Search carousel

  • Showcase your listing’s best features with three photos.
  • Platinum, Gold and Silver listings appear in the carousel on week one of the campaign.
  • Bronze appears in the search carousel for the first three weeks of the campaign.

Email alerts

195,000 members view property listings from saved search emails per month.**

Email alert listing cards

When users save a property search and sign up to receive email alerts, they are notified of new listings that match their search criteria. They can choose when to receive email alerts (daily, or 3 days, or weekly emails). 

Drive more engagement to your property listings with the most prominent position in email alerts*.

  • Higher placement in email alerts for Platinum Packages, followed by Gold and Silver with the largest branded listing cards for maximum exposure.
  • Bronze and Starter listings share the same medium sized card and position within email alerts, below Silver and above Base listings
  • Be strategic - bulk upload all of your listings on one day to dominate the latest listings emails in the area.

*Note: listings displayed in email are limited to 50.

Video and large images

Trade Me Property listings with video and 3D tours attract more views than those without any kind of multimedia content (30% higher)*^.

Video & photos

Showcase the property’s best features by adding a video to your property listing page to increase buyer engagement. Simply upload the video to YouTube, and enter the URL or content key into your listing management system, or via Trade Me directly, and we'll ensure it appears on your listing page.

Embedded videos and the largest, high resolution, full width images for your listing page and gallery are available to:

  • Platinum and Gold packages for 6 months unless sold or withdrawn.
  • Silver packages for the first three weeks of the campaign.

Homepage banner

Generate more buyer interest and enquiry by placing your brand and property listing on the Trade Me Property homepage, where over a quarter of a million Kiwis visit daily to conduct their property research^^.

Homepage recommendations banner

Be one of the first properties buyers’ see on the homepage. 

We'll feature your listing on the new Trade Me Property listings homepage banner where we target property seekers searching for properties similar to yours, based on their recent search behaviour.

Available on Platinum Packages only.

Nearby suburbs banner

Extend the reach of your listing further.

Search results recommendations banner

We’ll target potential buyers and sellers looking at suburbs nearby based on their search criteria, on the new recommendations banner located at the bottom of relevant search results to reach a wider audience. 

Available on Platinum Packages only.

Audience Extension

You can add Audience Extension to a Platinum, Gold or Silver Package.

Audience Extension

This enables you to sell one marketing solution optimised for maximum listing exposure and engagement across Trade Me Property as well as social media and other digital platforms.

By leveraging Trade Me’s data, salespeople are gaining more brand exposure with an additional 40,000 impressions on average across Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network.***

  • Your listing appears across Facebook, Instagram and Google display for two weeks.
  • Increase your brand awareness with prominent agent and agency branding displayed on the ad.
  • Leverage Trade Me data to increase engagement.
  • Re-target property seekers that have viewed your listing and reach additional buyers.
For more info on how Audience Extension works and how to book, click here.


New Zealand buyer and seller research, TRA, January 2021.
** Trade Me Property, Google Analytics, saved search email statistic across all property categories, July 2021.
*^ Trade Me Property site statistics comparing Listings with multimedia to Listings without, average monthly (Oct 20 to Mar 21).
^^Trade Me Property site statistics, unique daily visitors, June 2021.
***Audience Extension, aggregated Facebook & Google Display Network statistics on average over a two week period, April 2021 - May 2021.