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Agricultural compounds and Trade Me

Is your product an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine and what you need to do to sell it on Trade Me

9 February 2021

In today’s world, we are consistently coming up with new mixtures and tonics to assist us in our daily endeavours.

However, what we don’t realise, is that many of these mixtures and remedies can be detrimental to our own health, international trade, and even our country’s own agriculture.

This is exactly the reason why there are very strict regulations around these compounds in New Zealand.

To ensure they don’t pose a threat to us, the Ministry of Primary Industries have put an Act in place that monitors and controls the use, sale, manufacture and importation of such products.

This means our sellers need to know what they’re selling and importing into the country.

We know this can be a bit complicated, and it’s not always clear if something you’re selling falls under this Act or not – we’re here to help!

I’m a seller, what do I need to do?

The first thing that needs to be determined is whether you have a product that is classed as an agricultural compound under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997.

The starting point of this would be to know what the definition of an agricultural compound under this legislation actually is.

The definition of “agricultural compound” makes reference to:

Any substance, mixture of substances, or biological compound, used or intended for use in the direct management of plants and animals, or to be applied to the land, place or water on or in which plants and animals are managed, for the purposes of:

  • managing or eradication pests, including vertebrate pests
  • maintaining, promoting, or regulating plant or animal productivity and performance or reproduction
  • fulfilling special nutritional requirements
  • diagnosing the condition of animals
  • preventing or treating conditions of animals
  • enhancing the effectiveness of an agricultural compound used for the treatment of plants and animals
  • marking animals.

Veterinary medicine means any substance, mixture of substances, or biological compound used or intended for use in the direct management of an animal.

Essentially, what this means for you as a seller, is that if you have a product that falls into the category of agricultural compounds, it will need to be registered and authorised before being allowed to be sold in New Zealand.

How do I know whether a product is registered or not?

There is a register that is accessible by the public. Have a look to see if your product is there or not. If it’s not on the register, you will need to get the product registered before being able to sell in New Zealand.

While the Ministry of Primary Industries do not consult with you throughout the registration process, there is a list of consultants on their website that can help you out.

When it comes to importing products of this nature for pets and animals, it’s vital they’re registered here before hand.

If they are not registered it is likely that they won’t be able to be brought into the country, let alone listed on Trade Me.

If you are thinking about selling agricultural compounds, or if you are intending to import items for sale in New Zealand and sell them, please ensure that you are across all of this very important information.

For more information check out the MPI website.