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Cell phone boosters - not permitted on site

We do not allow cell phone boosters to be listed. Or jammers for that matter.

By Trust and Safety 5 August 2020


Hello? Heellooooo...?

If you’re having trouble with the cellular reception around your house, back paddock, or can’t get a call from your stockbroker at your beach bach, you might be in the market for a mobile phone booster or repeater.

Before you invest in a pricey booster consider that they may not alleviate the problem, and unless you get approval from your network operator you could face infringement penalties, or prosecution... you read right!

Cell phone boosters and repeaters can cause major problems across the wider mobile phone network.

You’ll need to get approval (i.e. a licence from your provider) before buying or using one. This is because they operate via the magic of radio waves.

We don’t permit boosters or repeaters to be sold on the site

This is because there’s a high risk both for buyers (not being fully aware of the regulations) and to the broader mobile phone and radiocommunications network.

All radio transmissions in NZ are governed by the Radiocommunications Act 1989, the purpose of which is to limit harmful interference. Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) are the body tasked with enforcement, licensing and compliance for all users of the airwaves, from ham radio to big companies and organisations.

RSM are also responsible for licensing and auditing transmitting equipment to ensure it’s compliant. They have concerns that some kiwis are buying boosters online that don’t comply, or aren’t clearly disclosing that approval or a licence may be required.

Be careful where you buy from!

Some sites appear to be NZ sites, so you’d think the gear is approved – not so, say our major network providers. They may also have dubious disclaimers hidden in the fine print.

If you’re having reception issues, your service provider is in the best position to offer solutions (without the need to resort to smoke signals and carrier pigeons).

We don't allow cell phone jammers either....


Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety