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Don't give your credit card details to someone calling from 'Trade Me', 'Spark' or 'Microsoft', or anyone! Scam alert!

11 March 2021

Ever had a prank caller?

Or someone from ‘Microsoft’ calling to say you have a virus that needs immediate attention, even though you don’t have a PC but a Macbook?

Or maybe one from ‘Spark’ in a similar vein, asking for login details and possibly even your credit card information?

These are phone scams.

They’re designed to gain your trust by using a well-known business name to scare you into giving away your details, with threats of account closure or banishment into the great unknown should you not provide what they’re after.

Unfortunately, some of these industrious individuals are now targeting Trade Me users, calling members and claiming to be from Trade Me.

They’re asking you to ‘top up’ your membership using your credit card or Trade Me will terminate your account.

It looks like they’re getting information from the companies register and potentially getting contact numbers off Trade Me listings (which is generally a no-no and one of the many reasons we ask you not to post this detail).

If you receive a call from ‘Trade Me’ wanting you to top up your membership, or asking you to supply your credit card details for any reason, please end the call and contact us.

If you think you may have fallen foul of this scam and supplied any details to these callers, you should contact your bank immediately and then get in touch with us, or Netsafe to report the scam.

Here’s a plethora of information about staying safe online too.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing with recognising a scam, but if you can get ahead of the curve to know what to expect, you’ll have a happier and safer time when online.

Take care out there!