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Fire safety: How safe is your child's nightwear?

Check out our guide to learn about fire safety when it comes to buying or selling children's pyjamas.

By Trust and Safety 29 September 2023

Always keep young ones at least a metre from the heater.

Tamariki (kids) can suffer from serious injuries if their pyjamas catch fire.

All children's nightwear is legally required to have the appropriate fire hazard labels attached before they can be sold.

This applies to both new and secondhand kids' pyjamas and other nightwear, such as dressing gowns.

The Commerce Commission’s guide to nightwear explains exactly what nightwear is required to have the label attached.

What labels can be used?

There are only two kinds of labels that can be used.

White label (safest)

Nightwear made from low fire hazard fabrics and those that are snug fitting are marked with a white label that reads: "CAUTION KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT AND FLAME".

Red label (high fire danger)

Nightwear with a higher fire hazard risk are marked with a red label that reads: "WARNING HIGH FIRE DANGER KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT AND FLAME".

Children's nightwear fire hazard labels (Source: Commerce Commission)

Advice for buyers

When purchasing children’s nightwear:

  • Always check to make sure nightwear has a fire hazard label or is made of fabric that is less likely to burn.
  • Choose nightwear with the white label.
  • Make sure nightwear is snug fitting, as this reduces the fire hazard.

Metre from the heater

  • Remember, “low fire hazard” does not mean “NO fire hazard”.
  • Never let your child get too close to a stove, heater, or fire.
  • Always keep anything that could catch fire at least a metre from the heater or fire.
  • Put a safety guard around your heater or fire if you have young children or it’s a busy part of your home. Attach the guard to the wall.
  • Remember fabrics can ignite without physical contact with a naked flame or heat source.

Source: Commerce Commission

Selling nightwear on Trade Me

All children's nightwear must have a fire hazard information label. Clothing made from highly flammable fabrics can't be sold.

The product safety standard applies to:

  • Retailers or in-trade sellers who sell new or used children's nightwear
  • Individuals who offer children’s nightwear for sale, including second-hand garments.

Listing requirements:

  • The listing must include a clear image of the fire hazard label.
  • The listing description must include fire hazard information.
  • The name, trade mark, or brand name of the manufacturer or supplier must be attached to a fixed label.


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