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Selling coins on Trade Me

It’s okay to list reproduction coins, but your listing must be in the right category and not be misleading.

By Trust and Safety 21 August 2023

Kev loves coins and lists them in the correct category so he doesn't mislead buyers.

What you need to know

If you're selling a reproduced coin where the original was minted less than 16 years ago, it can’t be listed on site.

If you're selling reproduction coins that are not subject to copyright law, they should be listed in the reproduction category.

We're keen to ensure that coin buyers aren't misled when purchasing coins, and we want to ensure a level playing field for coin traders, whether they choose to sell either genuine coins or reproduction coins.

Reproduction coins

We have a specific category for reproduction coins. To avoid misleading buyers, they can only be listed here.

The sale of reproduction coins is only allowed when the copyright of the original coin has expired. Any reproduction coin that is older than 16 years since the date of the original production may be listed on site.

For example, a genuine 1343 Edward III florin can be listed in the United Kingdom coins category, but a reproduction can only be listed in the reproduction coins category. But you probably don't have an original – there are only three in existence!

Misleading claims can't be made about the authenticity of a coin. This would likely be a breach of the Fair Trading Act, and any misleading listings will be removed.

Commemoration and souvenir coins

These coins can be sold on site. If they're original issues, they should be listed in the relevant coin category. If they're reproductions, they can only be listed in the reproduction category.

Intellectual property rights apply to the packaging of commemorative sets and souvenir packages. Any listings in breach of this more general artistic copyright will be removed.


Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety