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Kiwifruit plants, budwood, pollen or firewood cannot be list

You can't sell kiwifruit, plant, flowers, pollen, wood or roots, we're doing our bit to stop the spread of Psa-V

15 February 2021

We all love a bit of kiwifruit and that’s why we need to do our bit to ensure our supermarkets continue to be stocked with the fibre-packed super fruit.

Unfortunately, there’s a nasty little disease called Psa-V that has a tendency to spread from vine to vine and between in kiwifruit orchards.

This disease can be detrimental to the production of kiwifruit and can cause huge destruction to orchards throughout New Zealand.

In the interest of New Zealand’s biosecurity, Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) established a National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP) which commenced on 17 May 2013.

Individual growers should be taking responsibility for the health and care of their vines, but a formal plan has been implemented as the potential damage that could be caused by Psa-V is serious enough to require a checklist of ‘must-dos’ for all growers across the country.

Kiwifruit plants, pollen, budwood or firewood could be infected with the very destructive Psa bacterium.

The NPMP contains rules that prohibits the movement of kiwifruit plant material to and between some regions.

What does this mean for selling kiwifruit plants on Trade Me?

Psa-V is serious business, and because we don’t have visibility over where the plants have come from or may go – even if it did come from an orchard that is correctly following the National Pest Management Plan requirements – we can’t allow the sale of kiwifruit plant material on the site.

This includes kiwifruit plants, budwood, kiwifruit pollen or kiwifruit firewood.

By not allowing the sale, we’re trying to help prevent the spread of this nasty disease.

If you’re keen to know more, check out the Kiwifruit Vine Health website.

Creative Commons image used courtesy Robert Enberg on Flickr.