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Motor vehicle traders must be registered

If you have sold 6 or more motor vehicles in the last 12 months you should register as a Motor Vehicle Trader

17 March 2021

We couldn’t help but notice a ‘Morrinsville Man’ was recently fined $4500 dollars for failing to register as a motor vehicle trader (MVT) under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act.

The Morrisonville Man plead guilty to selling 11 motor vehicles between February last year and January this year.

The requirement to be registered kicks in when more than 6 have been sold within a twelve month period.

This serves as a timely reminder for any unregistered MVT who are using Trade Me to sell vehicles to get registered asap.

Trade Me is a great place to sell motor vehicles and we welcome MVT who want to use our site but the law needs to be met.

Here’s a couple of the key points:

All MVT using the site should have a quick read of our more comprehensive guide for traders listing vehicles on the site.

Members found to be trading without being registered or trading under a lapsed registration will be asked to become registered.

Memberships may be suspended at Trade Me’s discretion until this is remedied.

At the end of the day, this kind of transparency about your status is best.

The key aim is that members will know with what kind of trader they are dealing, whether the Consumer Guarantees Act applies and this informs how best they can seek remedy should something go wrong.

Update: Check out these the $32K fines these 6 traders received!