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One Trade Me account to rule them all?

We allow members one business and one personal memebrship. If you think you need another one, get in touch with us

By Trust and Safety 17 March 2021

Ask any mother of twins and I’m sure she’ll back me up, they’re not easy.

Just think, twice as many bottles, temper tantrums, teething problems… not to mention the dirty nappies…




Of course we’re not saying having more than one Trade Me account is in the same ballpark as having twins (c’mon, now!) - but it still comes with its own set of responsibilities and challenges, which is why it’s something we keep a very close eye on.

Our terms & conditions are super clear - you can’t register as a member under multiple identities and personas (whether real or false) (clause 3.2), except where you have a business account.

For the vast majority of our community, one account is all their hearts desire so it’s a harmonious non-issue. But, we do know some of our members’ needs sit outside this tidy box, so it’s not something we want to gloss over.

We fancy ourselves to be pretty reasonable cats here at Trade Me HQ, and we know there are some situations which warrant people having more than one account.

It’s something we’re totally open to discussing on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a sound reason for needing more than one membership, just give us a bell or drop us a line and we’ll happily dig into the nuts and bolts and see what we can do.

We can’t guarantee we’ll give you the green light, but we can guarantee we’ll hear you out and let you know our thoughts.

Common sense reigns supreme, so if you’ve got a chequered history of contact from us for a raft of offences and annoyances, then I’m sorry Sonny Jim, but we won’t be throwing a shiny new account your way.

However, if you operate a business account and don’t want to buy your wife’s romantic Valentine’s Day pressie through it (goodbye street cred), then having a separate personal account can make a truck-load of sense.

We’re all about keeping the site trusted, safe and transparent, so we’ve got some sweet admin tools that our staff run 24/7 to do just that.

Just like keeping track of a handful of under-fives, we’ve found that keeping track of one person across multiple memberships can be a handful.

This means we’ll never approve multiple accounts willy-nilly but we do have some wriggle-room to use at our discretion. So, just be sure to hit us up first, or you might find your multiple accounts abruptly closed!

One should also bear in mind that only one person may use each Trade Me account. There's no sharing!


Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety