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Toothpick crossbows can NOT be sold on Trade Me

Toothpick crossbows are subject to an Unsafe Goods Notice. They are illegal and can't be sold on Trade Me

12 March 2021

If your kids have been through the fidget spinner craze, they might be looking for the next big thing, which for some, might be toothpick crossbows.

These mini-weapons might seem like a good idea to a ten year old but it's all fun and games until someone gets one in the eye and that's that.

A bit of parental control required then.

But should they be banned from Trade Me?

Trade Me has been advised by the Commerce Commission that these items are subject to an Unsafe Goods Notice under the Fair Trading Act and so cannot be sold in New Zealand.

This is due to the lack of a safety feature on the items.

This is a good opportunity to remind members of our policies around the sale of weapons on site.

You may not list weapons intended for attack purposes or any weapon, the possession of which would constitute a criminal offence under current New Zealand legislation.

Listings may not promote or imply violence. This includes describing (or implying) that an item can be used in fighting, security, military or combat scenarios, or that using it in self-defence may cause injury (for example a 'self-defence knife').

Trade Me reserves the right to remove any listing which it deems to be for an offensive weapon.

Read the full Trade Me firearms policy.