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Proof of goods: What to do if we ask for it

Proof of goods is one of the ways we keep Trade Me a safe place to buy and sell.

By Trust and Safety 10 May 2023

What is 'proof of goods'?

Proof of goods helps us make sure the seller actually has the item for sale and that it’s what they’ve said it is.

It’s one of the tools we have to prevent fraud and keep our site safe and trusted. When buying online, it’s important to be able to trust that the item exists and is what the seller says it is.

What happens when proof of goods is requested?

A few restrictions are placed on the listing, to prevent it from being sold. Once we’ve received the requested info and approved the listing, the restrictions are lifted.

What do I need to do as a seller?

You only need to send us this info if we’ve emailed you and asked for it. If you haven’t heard from us, there’s nothing you need to do.

Here’s what we need if we’ve asked for proof of goods:

  • Something with the date on it – from the last couple of weeks. We can’t accept electronic documents, but things like receipts, bills, and bank statements are great.
  • A photo of the document next to the item. If the item is in a box, it needs to come out so we can see it. They both need to be in the same photo and be clearly visible.
  • Send the photo to us – at Our Trust & Safety team will review it and lift any restrictions on your listing.

If you need to relist, you won’t need to send us proof of goods again.

Safety tip

Our emails only ever come from email addresses ending in and – and we’ll never, ever ask for your password via email.

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