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Do you have SDOCs for your electrical goods?

When you walk into a department store and buy a hair straightener, you expect it to be safe. When you use it, you don’t want it to overheat and burn your hair or give you a zap when you reach to remove its plug from the wall.

You’d expect the same when you buy electrical goods from professional traders on Trade Me.

And so do we.

Trade Me expects sellers who list electrical items on the site to be satisfied that the goods they are selling meet the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 and are safe to sell.

You can read our seller’s guide on electrical safety  (and here’s one for buyers too) for full details, but here’s a good start on thinking about compliance.

We are often asked by sellers how they can comply with safety requirements

To show that items are safe, some electrical items require a supplier declaration of compliance (“SDoC”) before they can be sold. Some also require safety approval from the Government or certification.

In order to sell your item on Trade Me, you must have this documentation and be prepared to supply it where required.

If you are an importer, you can probably get the appropriate test reports from your supplier and then fill in an SDOC (available to download here).

How is the site monitored for compliance?

Trade Me works very closely with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Energy Safety team to identify members who are listing non-compliant gear.

Energy Safety regularly conducts audits across the site and will request SDoC from members for inspection.

Energy Safety is not shy about enforcing the rules and multiple Trade Me members have received fines for not having the documentation.

In addition, if asked by Trade Me directly, we expect you to supply the documentation within 24 hours.

Members who fail to supply the requested documentation to either Energy Safety or Trade Me face removal of their listings and risk a suspension or closure of their membership.

We cannot emphasise the need to meet the safety standards enough.

Earlier this year we closed down one of our biggest memberships on the site due to concerns about the safety of their electrical items.

And if you are thinking of selling hover boards, think really carefully as the requirements are onerous.

If a member is concerned about a listing, the Community Watch function can be used to let us know.

Where can I get some more information?

For more information on electrical items, visit the Energy Safety website and check out their guide to supplying safe electrical products