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'Foreign' plugs cannot be listed on Trade Me

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The above picture shows a travel adaptor and a cell phone charger that are illegal to sell in NZ.

As international markets open up even further and Kiwis figure out how to bypass traditional suppliers of electronic goods, we are see such plugs listed from time to time.

Trade Me's Trust and Safety team will remove any listings we identify as featuring a ‘foreign plug’.

No, we’re not xenophobic, we’re just very conscious about making sure our members only buy electrical appliances that are safe.

Such plugs are be illegal to sell and use in New Zealand. Only electrical goods that feature plugs designed for use in New Zealand may be listed on Trade Me.

All Trade Me members, particularly those who are 'in trade',  must be satisfied that their electrical goods meet the requirements of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 and they must have the documentation to prove it (known in the industry as SDOCs). 

Importers of electrical goods need to ensure the items they list on the site have plugs that are designed for use in New Zealand.

Check out Energy Safety’s compliance guide on how to meet your trading obligations.

One cannot try to work around this by supplying an additional adaptor that can be used to connect a device such as a cell phone charger to the NZ mains system.

Likewise, if you’re trying to sell something with a foreign plug that you’ve brought back from overseas, you cannot sell it either, even though you’re not a ‘professional trader’ and the trade is just a ‘one off’.

It’s just too risky. 

Sellers of electrical goods can learn more about their responsibilities here and buyers should consider these things before they buy electrical goods.