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What is Ping? Why should I use it?

Ping is the new and improved payment platform provided and hosted by Trade Me. It lets buyers pay sellers via a number of payment methods. Why use Ping? Ping makes buying and selling easier, faster...
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Freight Forwarding Scams – It’s a trap!

Making the decision to sell your beloved car, bike, boat or digger isn’t always easy. Regardless of your reason for parting ways, if you choose to find new home for your ‘precious’ but beat up blue...
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What to do if we ask you for ‘proof of goods’

One of our key requirements when selling on Trade Me is that the seller must have the goods in their possession prior to listing them on the site. This helps to ensure trades go as smoothly as poss...

Guide for Motor Vehicle Traders selling vehicles

The Trade Me site is a very popular place to buy and sell motor vehicles both privately and from Motor Vehicle Traders and there’s some great deals to be had. The industry is governed by the Motor ...

Keeping your password safe from others

Your password is the magic key to your Trade Me account. Letting someone else use your Trade Me account is against our rules, and for good reason as you can be held liable for what other people do ...
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Things to consider when trading animals on Trade Me

Here's a guest post by the Ministry of Primary Industries that shares some things to consider when buying or selling animals on Trade Me. Obviously, it's really important that members bear these poin...
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'Foreign' plugs cannot be listed on Trade Me

The above picture shows a travel adaptor and a cell phone charger that are illegal to sell in NZ. As international markets open up even further and Kiwis figure out how to bypass traditional supplier...
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Dog tail docking banned

It’s the year of the dog, and I don’t think we‘ve talked about dogs nearly enough at Trade Me this year 😉 New Animal Welfare regulations are now in effect and given they directly affect Trade Me mem...
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Check your child's PJs have the correct label

Winter is coming, they say. That means it’s time again to think about pyjamas and nightwear that keep our children warm and snug. It’s also time to think about the safety of those items. You may no...
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Trade Me Transparency Report 2018

The last 12 months have been a busy time for Privacy at Trade Me. In addition to all the attention privacy and data sharing has been getting in the media, we’ve been busy reviewing and making change...