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Transparency Report 2019

Download the 2019 Trade Me Transparency Report here. Introduction It is as important as ever for companies to be prioritising their privacy and data security responsibilities. Like many New Zealand-based companies, Trade Me receives enquiries for information from government agencies to assist... more
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How to safely list a child's car seat restraint

When it comes time to purchase things for your children’s use, product safety can play a huge role in what you end up buying. Here at Trade Me we also take your children’s safety seriously, and for th...

Canine sires and dams – stud services for sale

We take animal welfare super seriously, and we want to prevent unethical breeding slipping through the cracks. If you’re thinking about breeding your furry friends, here’s what you need to know... Y...
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A guide to dating safely online

FindSomeone, owned by Trade Me, is a fun way to meet new people and the team is proud to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience. As with any interaction (online and offline), there are some precaut...
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'Foreign' plugs cannot be listed on Trade Me

The above picture shows a travel adaptor and a cell phone charger that are illegal to sell in NZ. As international markets open up even further and Kiwis figure out how to bypass traditional supplier...
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Electric vehicles must be sold with safe chargers

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are awesome. They’re cheap to run, great for the planet, and really fun to drive. Charging an EV at home is a convenient and popular option for many owners. With more and more...
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Don’t toy with the life of a child

The Commerce Commission has released a video to remind businesses that they must meet compulsory safety standards if they sell toys for children 36 months and under: The legal consequences of not m...
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Hook and loop fastener - it’s a ripping good time

Hoover Sellotape Blue Tack Band-aid Rollerblades Pink Batts Jet Ski Gib Bubble Wrap Crock Pot Chap Stick Velcro What on Earth is this a list of? It's a list of trademarks that consumers ...
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What is Ping? Why should I use it?

Ping is the new and improved payment platform provided and hosted by Trade Me. It lets buyers pay sellers via a number of payment methods. Why use Ping? Ping makes buying and selling easier, faster...

A guide to selling hazardous substances on Trade Me

There are probably over 100,000 hazardous substances that are used in New Zealand every day. From bleach in the bathroom, petrol at the pump to snail bait on the vegie garden, you can find them everyw...