Category changes: Hunting & shooting

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 11:30 am, Wed 26 Mar

We’re back and ready for action, this time with some changes to the Hunting & shooting category. We’ll be making some changes to this category in two stages, so after today’s announcement we’ll reload and shoot out another announcement a little further down the track.

Here's a peek at some of the changes we've made so far:

- Cases, Projectiles and Wads all get their own categories (these remain outside firearm licence restrictions)
- Rings have been added to the Mounts category
- Sights has been split into Scopes, Sights and Mounts
- We have additional categories for sight types, scope powers, spotting scopes and range finders.  More...

Motors pricing changes on the way

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 4:00 pm, Mon 24 Mar

On 7 April we’re making some changes to listing and auction withdrawal fees for selling vehicles on Trade Me. This includes cars, motorbikes, boats and other vehicles such as aircraft, buses, caravans & motorhomes, earthmoving machinery, horse floats, specialist cars, tractors, trailers, trucks and wrecked cars.

If you are selling a vehicle via a classified, the listing fee for vehicles with an asking price over $10,000 will increase from $69 to $79. Auction fees and all other classified listings under $10,000 will remain unchanged. Please note that if the asking price is increased, this may increase your listing fee. There is no success fee for a classified listing.

The auction withdrawal fee will increase from $19 to $39. When you list an item for sale on Trade Me as an auction, you should have the intention to sell this item through the site.  More...

Starship presents: The Big Egg Hunt

Written by Cat in General at 9:00 am, Fri 21 Mar

From today, New Zealanders can get involved in a fantastic campaign in support of the Starship Foundation called the Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt!

The Starship Foundation is a charity which supports the national children’s hospital to provide world-leading care for almost 120,000 patient visits each year.

The Big Egg Hunt showcases 100 large fibreglass eggs, adorned by a number of top Kiwi artists, designers, jewellers and creatives. More...

New: Super Feature in the Lounge suites category

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 5:00 pm, Wed 19 Mar

We’re excited to let you know that listings in the Lounge suites category can now be promoted using a Super Feature!

A Super Featured listing in the Lounge suites category will be displayed at the top of all other listings (on a rotating carousel) for relevant searches, and when browsing the category.

For a listing to be eligible for a Super Feature, it’ll need a minimum of three images, and have two or more days left on the clock. A Super Feature in this category costs $29, and lasts until the listing expires.  More...

Category changes: Beds

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 3:00 pm, Wed 12 Mar

Here's something you can take lying down - we've separated the 'Beds & bedroom furniture' category into two categories called Beds and Bedroom furniture.

For the new Beds category we have added 4th-level categories, so under each of the bed sizes you'll find the following categories:

- Beds with mattresses
- Bed frames & bases
- Headboards (these used to be directly under Beds & bedroom furniture)
- Mattresses More...

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