New: Super Feature in the Lounge suites category

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 5:00 pm, Wed 19 Mar

We’re excited to let you know that listings in the Lounge suites category can now be promoted using a Super Feature!

A Super Featured listing in the Lounge suites category will be displayed at the top of all other listings (on a rotating carousel) for relevant searches, and when browsing the category.

For a listing to be eligible for a Super Feature, it’ll need a minimum of three images, and have two or more days left on the clock. A Super Feature in this category costs $29, and lasts until the listing expires.  More...

Category changes: Beds

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 3:00 pm, Wed 12 Mar

Here's something you can take lying down - we've separated the 'Beds & bedroom furniture' category into two categories called Beds and Bedroom furniture.

For the new Beds category we have added 4th-level categories, so under each of the bed sizes you'll find the following categories:

- Beds with mattresses
- Bed frames & bases
- Headboards (these used to be directly under Beds & bedroom furniture)
- Mattresses More...

Trade Me Jobs: Search by hourly rate

Written by The Trade Me Jobs team in General and Jobs at 10:30 am, Tue 11 Mar

We've built a sweet new feature for people visiting Trade Me Jobs: you can now search for a job by hourly rate.

We think this will be particularly useful for those on the hunt for casual, part-time, and contractor roles. It'll also help job advertisers looking for contract staff.  More...

New: free shipping filter

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 9:30 am, Mon 3 Mar

We’re excited to introduce a ‘free shipping’ filter to our search functionality, making it easier for buyers to find listings that offer free shipping. It’s a trend being adopted by e-commerce websites around the world to offer fast, free shipping and it’s starting to take off here in New Zealand too.

We’ve already introduced a ‘free shipping’ icon which appears in search results and on listing pages. Our touch site and mobile apps also have a filter for shipping method that allows filtering by both ‘free shipping’ and ‘pickup’.

As a seller, if you already use the shipping option ‘Free shipping within New Zealand’, you’re all set and don’t need to do anything – your listings will automatically appear when the filter is selected.  More...

Category update: wedding fashion has been moved

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 9:30 am, Fri 28 Feb

Don't fret, wedding planners - as we mentioned on Monday, we've removed the wedding category and created separate homes for them in the following places:

- Clothing > Womenswear > Wedding
- Clothing > Womenswear > Wedding accessories
- Clothing > Menswear > Wedding
- Clothing > Boys > Wedding
- Clothing > Girls > Wedding

We’ve now moved all the listings to their new homes, but if you’re currently selling wedding apparel it’d be a good idea to double-check that things are where you want them to be. More...

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