Redesigning the listing page

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 11:30am, Wed 9 Dec 2015

We’ve just rolled out the new listing page to all members browsing in the Car parts & accessories, Car stereos, Motorbikes > Parts for sale, and Motorbikes > Helmets, clothing & footwear categories. Soon we'll be rolling it out to the Shotguns, and Rifles categories too.

What’s changed?

We’ve redesigned the listing detail page to make the browsing and buying experience better across Trade Me’s desktop site. There’s a fresh new look with tabbed sections for quick access to the Description and Questions & answers. More...

Rateable values (RV) – new on Trade Me Property

Written by The Trade Me Property team in General and Property at 5:30pm, Tue 8 Dec 2015

We’ve added new information to Trade Me Property listings on our desktop site. You can now see the rateable value (RV) of nearby listings on the map of residential properties listed for sale in Auckland, Wellington City and Christchurch. We are working hard to increase the number of areas we can show this information for, so please stay tuned as there are more on the way.

How do I see this information?

When you are on a residential listing that is for sale in Auckland, Wellington City or Christchurch on our desktop site, select the tick box “Show nearby RVs” to see a selection of RVs for nearby properties. More...

Shipping trial under way

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 5:00pm, Tue 8 Dec 2015

We’ve kicked off our trial of a new shipping service for a selection of sellers on Trade Me. It’s part of an exciting but complex initiative to make shipping on Trade Me easier and faster, with great prices. As a first step, working with the smart folks at Temando, we’ve built the ability for sellers to get courier quotes from two reputable companies with good coverage across New Zealand: Courier Post and Fastway.

Selected sellers can book a courier from within ‘Sold items’ on their My Trade Me page and the courier will collect their items.

We’re just getting started but it’s great to have something out in the wild – we’re looking forward to the feedback, getting more sellers involved and expanding the functionality. The aim is for the new shipping option to be available to all Trade Me sellers over the next few months. More...

New medicine category

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 12:00pm, Wed 11 Nov 2015

We’ve recently added a new category for the sale of medicines.

Historically we haven’t allowed the sale of medicines on Trade Me as under the Medicines Act they’re not able to be sold by auction.

Who can sell medicines? More...

Old Friends closing soon

Written by The Old Friends team at Trade Me in General at 5:30pm, Mon 9 Nov 2015

Today we announced that will be closing in a couple of months.

Why are you closing down Old Friends?

We’re always working hard to improve the experience for our members and we’ve struggled to give Old Friends sufficient oxygen recently, given the bigger opportunities in the core areas of our business. Because of this, we think the time is right to pull down the shutters. We understand this might not be the best news for our members who use Old Friends regularly and this isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly. More...

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