Our new instant payments system Ping

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 9:30am, Wed 8 Mar 2017

Today we launched a new instant payment system for Trade Me members called Ping.

We’ll be releasing Ping to all members over the next few months. But, if you’d like to be amongst the first to try it out, you can apply for early access which will begin from next week.

Ping is a massive upgrade to how you currently make payments on Trade Me, and it’s going to make buying and selling on Trade Me even easier, faster and safer.

We think Ping is awesome because:
• You can use the money in your Ping balance (from items you’ve sold) to pay for Trade Me purchases, or simply transfer it to your bank account.
• Payments from your bank account, credit/debit card, or Ping balance instantly appear on a seller’s Ping balance, so items can be sent faster.
• Most Ping payments are also covered by Buyer Protection.

If you’d like to know more about Ping, check out the landing page, help pages or the new Ping terms and conditions.