We've got your back – it's now even safer to buy.

Buy an eligible Marketplace item using Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay and if it never turns up
or isn't as described, we can refund your money up to $2,500.

Millions of items are sold on Trade Me each year, and nearly all of those trades go off without
a hitch. On the off chance something goes wrong, we've got your back. Conditions apply.

How it works

Contact the seller

Sellers want to hang onto their positive
feedback rating and in most cases will
fix the problem quick smart – please
contact them first.

Not resolved? We can help

If you can't sort it out with the seller or
haven't heard from them, please file a
dispute report
within 30 days of buying
the item so we can get the ball rolling.

Getting a refund

We'll review the details and get back to
you as soon as possible. If everything's
all good as per our policy, we can
refund your card transaction. See our
for more info.

More about Buyer Protection

Are you eligible?

Most Marketplace card purchases up
to $2,500 qualify. Find out more about
being eligible for Buyer Protection.


Learn more about returning an item to
the seller if it's not what you ordered.


If you're still wanting to know more,
grab a cuppa and head over to
the FAQs