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Common mistakes to avoid when selling

Here's our Dealer Support teams top tips on avoiding common mistakes when selling vehicles.

It isn’t sold until it’s actually sold

It’s tempting to do a change of ownership on a vehicle while the deal, although promising, is still being processed. However, this means that if things fall through you’ll need to reverse the change of ownership, otherwise known as a MR13B, to put the vehicle back into your name.

Getting your MR13B reversed because the deal wasn’t quite signed and sealed isn’t best practice in terms of vehicle registrations. Plus, this means you’re left waiting in limbo while the request is processed by the NZTA, and will have to pay an unnecessary fee.

Our tip - wait until the sale is final before doing the change of ownership on any vehicle. This will save you the time, money and frustration of having to get it reversed.

Spelling matters

Have you ever uploaded a vehicle to Trade Me Motors, but then can’t find it onsite? Sometimes, a simple spelling error can be the problem.

Our tip - our search system is very specific, so it pays to double check you’ve got the make and model spelt correctly. This will save you time – and headaches – trying to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Check if you’re selling to a person or a business

It’s an easy and all too common mistake to submit a vehicle’s change of ownership to to an individual’s name when it should be to a company’s name for commercial purposes. This can be a time consuming process to fix, and can be a hassle for your customer

Our tip - Check whether they want the change of ownership to go to a person or a company early. If it’s a company, collect their NZTA Customer Number as you’ll need that to submit the change of ownership.

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