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3 ways to maximise your time selling your vehicles

Here's our Dealer Support team’s top tips on maximising your time and effort when selling vehicles.

It isn’t sold until the deal’s done

It might sometimes be tempting to close the listing and file a change of ownership while the deal is still in the process of being closed. If for some reason the deal can’t progress, you’re left having to reverse the change of ownership (MR13B) to revert the ownership back to the dealership. 

Bringing the listing live on Trade Me again, and reversing an MR13B can be time consuming and costly, so ensuring all your ducks are in a row before finalising can save you time and money down the line. 

Our tip - wait until the sale is final before doing the change of ownership on any vehicle. This will save you the time, money, and frustration of having to get it reversed.

Check if you’re selling to a person or a business

It’s an easy and all too common mistake to submit a vehicle’s change of ownership to an individual’s name when it should be to a company’s name for commercial purposes. This can be a time consuming process to fix, and can be a hassle for your customer 

Our tip - Check whether they want the change of ownership to go to a person or a company early. If it’s a company, collect their NZTA Customer Number, as you’ll need that to submit the change of ownership.

Spelling matters

Have you ever uploaded a vehicle to Trade Me Motors and struggled to find it onsite? Sometimes, a simple spelling error can be the problem. 

Our tip - our search system is very specific, so it pays to double check you’ve got the make and model spelt correctly. This will save you time and headaches trying to figure out what’s gone wrong. 

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