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3 golden rules for discount pricing

Discount pricing is a great way to clearly advertise price reductions on your vehicles.

To ensure Trade Me remains a fair and trusted marketplace, discount pricing comes with some responsibility and there are guidelines to ensure we’re delivering value to your customers, and to our members. 

Here are our three golden tips for discount pricing:

1. Appeal to potential buyers with a competitive price

Use our price drop promo notifications and emails to ensure that potential buyers see your latest discount. Guidelines below:

2. Advertise a genuine price from the get go

Don’t purposefully over-inflate the original asking price. Buyers will quickly recognise a staged offer from a genuine one, and they’ll move on to the next listing.

3. Comply with the Fair Trading Act

Vehicles should be listed at the original price for 28 days before prices are reduced. We believe a reasonable time period for a sale price to be advertised is 28 days, based on The Fair Trading Act. If a vehicle has a discounted price for more than 28 days, the discounted price becomes the new ‘original’ price, and this will be reflected on your listing. 

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