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8 tips for converting online car enquiries

Our top suggestions for making the most of your lead enquiries to accelerate sales.

You’ve done the groundwork by getting your vehicles listed, but how effectively do you deal with enquiries once they start rolling in? To ensure you’re keeping buyers interested, we’ve popped together our top suggestions for making the most of your lead enquiries.

1. Respond quickly

Time is of the essence – as soon as you receive an enquiry it should be all systems go. Customers are looking for a fast response or they’ll move onto the next best option. Remember, buyers browsing online are looking for instant gratification and are usually talking to more than one vehicle dealer, so make sure you’re regularly checking your inbox.

2. Answer their questions

The fastest way to alienate a buyer is by not answering their specific questions. It pays to be clear and informative when you respond to their questions as you don’t want to waste their time (or yours) or provide them with irrelevant information. Avoiding specific questions can also turn a buyer away.

3. Don’t corner them

When it comes to getting in contact with a buyer – you should offer a phone number if you’re asking for theirs. Some buyers feel more comfortable being in charge of calling and don't want to hand their details over in fear of being unnecessarily contacted in the future.

4. Highlight your value offering

Take the opportunity to highlight any additional value in your offer. Extras such as a full MotorWeb report for peace of mind, mechanical checks, warranties, low mileage, WoF, rego expiry dates and having a low number of previous owners are seen as benefits to buyers.

5. Give them variety

Show buyers you care by offering a choice. If they have enquired about a specific vehicle and you have something else that you feel would be a similar fit then make them aware of it.

6. Keep it personal

No one wants to feel like they’re just another number, and you wouldn’t speak to a buyer in person with a generic script. Tailor your response to each individual buyer so that it’s clear that you have their best interests at heart.

7. Base price off location

Don’t be put off if your enquiry is from someone who isn’t geographically close to your yard – think outside the box. You could sweeten a deal with free delivery or a tank of gas.

8. Have an after-hours game plan

Our ‘Auto-Response’ product offers dealers the ability to inform enquirers that their message has been received outside of business hours, and you’ll get back to them shortly. This gives buyers peace of mind that their request hasn’t been lost and will be attended to. 

Drive Chat integration offers dealers the ability to have live chat available on your listings. You can choose between self-managed, partially managed and fully managed by Drive Chat who can collect bookings on your behalf 24/7. This allows buyers to organise viewings when they're on the site, not just when you're in the office. 

You wouldn’t ignore someone, leave them to wander around unattended, or insist on showing them a vehicle wildly different to the one they are interested in. They’ve already made the effort to enquire, the rest is up to you.

“Remember to treat each email like a person walking into your yard.”