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Selling exotic vehicles

Listing an uncommon vehicle needs a little more preparation than your more standard makes and models.

Follow these easy steps to ensure your rare gem gets the right treatment right from the start.

Give Dealer Support the heads up

  • Let our Dealer Support team know that you intend to add an unusual vehicle in advance. They’ll schedule it into their workflow which means that by the time you list the vehicle they’re already onto it. Email them on or call them on 0800 428 862 and tell them to expect a new manufacturer or model coming through.

Allow for a little more time when creating your listing

  • When adding your vehicle directly in DealerBase, you’ll need to select the ‘Manufacturer not in list’ or ‘Model not in list’ checkbox and insert the vehicle details in the designated area. This will notify our Dealer Support team who will add it to our database allowing your vehicle listing to go live. 
  • If listing your vehicles on Trade Me via a third party provider, any unusual makes or models will automatically flag our Dealer Support team. 
  • Adding a new make or model to our database may take anywhere from an hour to a couple of days as this is a manual process and is dependent on the volume of requests our team has at any given time, so the sooner you notify our Dealer Support team, the better.

Top tips

  • When listing your exotic vehicle, make sure that you list all the information, with rare and exotic cars, it’s all in the details. Ask yourself, "how does this vehicle suit the buyer"? Appeal to their emotions and lifestyles. For example, is it the perfect getaway weekend car? Or perhaps a luxury retirement vehicle? 
  • Utilise our upload capacity of 20 photos to really tell the story on the vehicle.

It’s as simple as that – planning in advance and giving us the heads up will smooth out the process and help you get your vehicle listed and on the market. 

Good luck!