Unique and personal Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Forget flowers and chocolates this year – say “I love you” with a gift that’s as unique as your special someone

Last updated: 1 February 2023

Every year, Valentine’s Day seems to spring out of nowhere like Cupid’s bow itself, and while it’s tempting to grab a box of choccies, a bunch of flowers, or flag it altogether, there are a bunch of fun, unexpected and actually really awesome and meaningful gifts around. 

Whether you’re looking to gift something a little more personal or have a bit of a laugh, we reckon these unique gift ideas are sure to leave a lasting impression on your Valentine.

Love letters

Recordable greeting card

Remember the days of mixtapes? While lovingly created playlists may exist mainly on Spotify now, you can bring back the thrill and nostalgia of cassettes with this personalised, voice recordable greeting card

Record up to two minutes, handwrite a message, seal with the included sticker and send off to your lucky recipient. 

Your message will play automatically when the card is opened, and it’s fully re-recordable so you can pass messages back and forth to your heart’s content. Perfect for the long distance lover!

Message in a bottle

For the trinket lover, these adorable pixie-sized messages in a bottle are the perfect way to confess your true feelings and keep them safe forever. 

Each bottle looks like something straight out of a magical forest, and contains a teeny scroll for your love note – although you’ll admittedly have to practise writing in small print! 

For extra brownie points, take your loved one for an evening beach scroll and pull your message in a bottle out of the sand.

Secret messages

Hidden message candles

Does your Valentine appreciate surprises? These candles may look ordinary at first glance, but once they’re lit, their true intentions show... 

With plenty of secret messages to choose from, these candles are perfect if you tend to get a bit tongue tied when it comes to admitting your feelings – just let the candle do the talking for you! 

Gift these candles by themselves, or place them on the table for a romantic dinner – they’ll be the talking point even if you happen to burn the roast!

Morse code bracelets

What better way to say “I love you” than a piece of jewellery gifted on Valentine’s Day? Well, how about a bracelet that literally says it in morse code? 

With two in a pack, you and your love can both walk around with a special reminder on your wrist. The best part? Their meaning is a secret between the two of you. Perfect for everyone from lovers to besties.

Custom artwork

Personalised prints

Some couples are content keeping their love story hush hush, while others want to proclaim it to the world. If this is the case for you, a customised piece of art may be the way to go. 

Ever wondered what the galaxy looked like on your first date or when you got engaged? For a grand, romantic gesture, these custom star map or moon phase prints put special moments of your life on display. 

If you have a special song together, this print parades your favourite lyric, while this option has room for your own photo and even a scannable code that takes you straight to your favourite track on Spotify!

Neon signs

If you’re searching for something on-trend, a neon sign is sure to make the light of your life light up. 

There are plenty of affordable, ready made options in a variety of colours and designs, as well as the option of a fully custom piece of art. 

If you’re the crafty type, you could also make your own personalised neon sign with the help of some EL wire and other simple supplies.

Unique scents

Demeter fragrances

Ever get a whiff of a freshly made waffle or cookies straight from the oven and wished you could smell it all. the. time? Well, with Demeter perfumes, it’s entirely possible! 

Perfume is a Valentine’s Day gift that’s as old as time, but with Demeter Fragrances you can find a scent that’s as unique as your special someone – and we’re not kidding when we say unique. 

Demeter aims to trigger peoples’ emotions through their sense of smell, using everyday scents that bring about a smile. 

Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Try birthday cake, gingerbread, honey or piña colada. Thunderstorm, dirt, sunshine and grass are wonderful options for the outdoor enthusiast, while kitten fur, paperback, riding crop and pizza can really help you nail those niche interests!

Chocolate reinvented

Celebration boxes

Alright, we get it – sometimes you can’t go wrong with chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Consider stepping it up a notch with a Celebration Box filled with chocolate donuts and other goodies. 

These special deliveries do all the hard work for you, with a variety of curated Valentine’s Day boxes, including some pretty special options like this platter for two, a date night gift basket or a chocolate donut tower (for Aucklanders only, sorry!)

Inedible chocolate

If chocolate is still your go-to but you don’t want to be too literal, there are plenty of subtle ways to gift it. 

These handmade candles will fill any room with the delicious scent of warm chocolate, while these ones look good enough to eat. 

For something that’s more personal, try out this chocolate beard balm for the man in your life, and pair it with chocolate scented massage oil and lotion from Demeter as a sweet way to go about personal care!

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