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Safety first: Multipurpose ladders

Find out about the safety standards that all new ladders must meet.

By Trust and Safety 3 November 2023

All new ladders listed on Trade Me must meet the safety standard AS 1892.1:2018.

It’s a pretty simple rule but it should be noted it goes over and above the requirements of the Unsafe Goods Notice for Ladders.

A multipurpose ladder is any portable ladder with one or more pairs of articulation joints (a hinge that can be locked in one or more positions), which allow the ladder to be rearranged to function as:

  • a single ladder, with or without a stand-off
  • a single or double sided step ladder
  • scaffold or work platform.

Requirements for sellers

All multipurpose ladders need to be marked with:

  • the details of the importer or manufacturer
  • its working length
  • the maximum load it can carry
  • the standard number (i.e. AS 1892.1.2018).

If you think an item is unsafe or doesn't meet safety standards, please report it using Community Watch at the bottom of the listing.


Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety