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In-transit vehicles: Can they be listed on Trade Me?

To keep Trade Me the best place to buy a car, we have rules around selling vehicles that are in transit from overseas.

By Trust and Safety 11 May 2023

Imported used cars have long been a popular option for the car-hunting Kiwi.

Importing used cars is a great way to bring great value into the Kiwi used car market. Used vehicles make up at least half of all vehicles entering our national fleet, according to Te Manatū Waka statistics.

Our general rule is that any item you list must be in your possession. When it comes to importing cars though, we’re a bit more flexible on this.

What does 'in transit' mean?

'In transit' refers to a motor vehicle in any of the following situations:

  • Being transported from a dealership (or equivalent) to a private holding facility, wharf or port for shipping (no more than three weeks before the vehicle is under the control of a wharf or port authority).
  • Under the control of a wharf or port authority, awaiting shipping.
  • On a ship bound for Aotearoa New Zealand.

If the vehicle you want to sell doesn't fit one of the above situations, you can't list it on Trade Me yet.

What are the rules?

To list 'in transit' vehicles on Trade Me, you must:

  • Be a registered motor vehicle trader.
  • Hold clear authority to sell the vehicle.
  • Clearly indicate in the listing description that the vehicles is offshore or in transit, with an estimated arrival date and location of origin.
  • Include the 'In transit' overlay in the bottom-left of all listing photos.

Sometimes, we might also ask for further documentation to show that the vehicle is in transit, bound for Aotearoa.

You can't list vehicles that are still in their country of origin, unless it's being transported to a private holding facility, wharf or port for shipping. Even if you've been granted the right to sell it.

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