How to list 'in transit vehicles' on Trade Me

We’ve noticed a lot of interest in vehicles being sourced directly from overseas lately and wanted to clarify our expect

By Trust and Safety 11 February 2020

There's always interest in vehicles being sourced directly from overseas and we wish to clarify our expectations around the sale of such vehicles on Trade Me (a good starting point is our help page).

It is a general Trade Me rule that members only place listings for items that exist, are to be sold, and that the member is legally entitled to sell those items.

Further to this, members may only list items that are in their possession, except where Trade Me has approved otherwise in writing.

An example of this is found in our terms and conditions regarding motor vehicles:

“In the case of motor vehicles that are offshore, they must be in transit to New Zealand, and you must be a registered motor vehicle trader, and hold clear authority to sell such vehicles before being able to list them. You must also clearly indicate that such vehicles are offshore or in transit in the listing.”

By ‘in transit’ we mean that the motor vehicle is covered by one of the following scenarios where the ultimate destination of the vehicle is New Zealand:

  • Vehicle is being transported from a dealership (or equivalent) to a private holding facility or wharf or port where it will await shipping. In such situations, the transportation or holding time is to be no longer than 3 weeks until vehicle is under the control of a wharf or port authority;
  • Vehicle is under the control of a wharf or port authority, awaiting being shipped to New Zealand; or
  • Is on a ship bound for New Zealand.

From time to time, Trade Me may ask members for documentation which clearly demonstrates the vehicle in question is in transit.

Listings cannot be made for vehicles that are still in their country of ‘origin’ and this is regardless of whether you have been granted the right to sell that vehicle on an owner’s behalf.

Listings that feature vehicles not in New Zealand and not in transit will be removed from the site.

Key points for listing vehicles in transit:

  • May only be listed by registered motor vehicle traders.
  • Documentation may be requested to prove in transit and that you have sales authority
  • Listing must indicate location status of vehicle as being in transit with an estimated arrival date in New Zealand.
  • Recreational vehicles & motor homes must be gas and electrically compliant to the New Zealand regime.
  • The 'in transit' logo must be incorporated into the bottom left hand corner of all the images: 

Need more information about being a car dealer on Trade Me ? Check out our general advice for Motor Vehicle Traders.

in transit motor vehicle logo