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How to 'do' product safety on Trade Me as a trader

We all want Trade Me to be a trusted and safe place to buy and sell.

If you are selling products on the site you need to be sure that your products are safe for buyers to use.

This is a requirement of the Consumer Guarantees Act and several other pieces of legislation.

As a seller, there are several areas where you need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to product safety.

Any members listing items falling into the following product categories must familiarise themselves with their regulatory obligations:

Product Safety Standards

Regulations setting mandatory safety standards for certain products are enforced by the Commerce Commission under the Fair Trading Act.

The purpose of these regulations is to prevent or reduce the risk of injury.

There are six product safety standard regulations. They are for:

If you are selling one of these types of products, you need to comply with these standards and recommends you read the advice published by the Commerce Commission for each standard (as linked to above).

It is a breach of the Fair Trading Act to fail to comply with the requirements of any product safety standard regulations you could be warned or prosecuted by the Commerce Commission.

It may also result in Trade Me taking action against your membership.

The full product safety standard regulations are available on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Unsafe Goods Notices

Unsafe goods notices are put in place by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs when safety concerns require products to be banned from being imported or sold in New Zealand.

There are currently five notices in effect:

Compliance with Safety Standards

Trade Me requires all mandatory standards to be met and recommends the voluntary standards also be met to demonstrate safety. Please note that novelty cigarette lighters are banned from sale on Trade Me.

New Ladders

A while back there was an issue where a ladder purchased from a seller on Trade Me collapsed, causing the buyer a serious leg injury.

After an investigation by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the ladder was found to have failed to meet the safety standard AS/NZS 1892.1:1996. 

We require that ALL new ladder listings comply with this standard. If asked, you will need to be able to demonstrate compliance with appropriate documentation.

This is over and above the requirements of the Unsafe Goods Notice for ladders which applies to multi-ladders.