Fantastic Father's Day gifts for every kind of dad

Before you panic-buy a box of Favourites from the local dairy, check out these unique Father's Day gift ideas.

Last updated: 30 August 2023

Was dad’s answer to what he wants this Father's Day “nothing” or “socks?", or perhaps he replied with just the classic thumbs up Whatsapp emoji. We get it – dads can be hard to buy for! Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you, and brought together a list of Father’s Day gifts longer than his afternoon nap, with ideas to suit dads of all tastes and interests.

When is Father’s Day in NZ?

In Aotearoa New Zealand, we celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September. So get that date in your diary. If there’s one thing we know about dads from those family holidays as kids – being late is not okay.

Father's Day gifts for the practical dad

This dad is proud to be pragmatic, and you can show him you appreciate his practical streak with an equally practical gift.

Tidy that tangle! A cable storage box is the answer to finally tidying up that tangle of cords behind the TV, next to the bed, the hallway… Think it sounds boring? Not for Mr. Practical – this is a gift that will get that slow appreciative nod of approval. dad

And it doesn’t have to stop there (with your genius ideas). A portable car vacuum will help keep dad’s car clean at a moment's notice.

For the most practical gift of all, give dad an intelligent assistant, like the Amazon Echo. He just needs to ‘Ask Alexa’ to play music, set timers, reminders and even cook along with recipes, handsfree.

PS! If dad is prone to losing his keys, wallet (or even his marbles) give him a key tracker or bluetooth finder system – no more stressful mornings lifting couches to find the keys.

Get dad out in the garden with these green-thumbed gifts.

Father's Day gifts for the green-thumbed dad

Whether dad’s passion is for growing vegetables or a pristine lawn, a gardening gift will show him how much you appreciate his passion.

If dad tends to run his work shoes into the ground, check out World of Clogs and update those slip-ons – Crocs, Sloggers or the super grippy Garden Mate are a gardener’s dream.

Gardening can be back-breaking work! Make dad’s fave hobby a little easier with a new tool like a gardening kneeler, or a storage cart on wheels to keep his tools easy-to-access.

More of a gardening newbie? A simple pair of gardening gloves or a growing tray will set him up for satisfaction and success.

Is dad hoping for that late All Blacks callup?

Father's Day gifts for the health-conscious dad

Wellbeing is this dad’s top priority (after you, of course), and these gift ideas will inspire him to keep up his self-care.

From Garmin to Fitbit, Apple to Samsung, there’s a smartwatch out there to track for every kind of health-conscious dad, and we all know much dads love gadgets.

Help dad beat his personal best with a neck air conditioner! While it might seem a bit extra, this wearable device can help increase endurance – much in the same way a traditional, chilled sweat towel would. Health-conscious, and tech-savvy!

If dad’’s always looking for ways to pack nutrition into his meals, treat him to a Breville Bluicer. This snazzy piece of kit combines the best of blending with the best of juicing to produce a highly nutritious beverage. Yum.

You could get dad a sit-stand desk to help with his posture, an acu-pressure mat to relieve tension or a pair of blue-light glasses to reduce eye strain at night. Or… you could treat him to a pair of comfy slippers and a cosy robe, because dad probably deserves to relax (and could do with the reminder!).

You know you’re in for a treat when dad get’s going in the kitchen.

Father's Day gifts for the foodie dad

If dad considers himself a bit of a foodie, a niche gift is sure to pique his interest.

Does he love Moroccan cuisine? Get him a Tagine. Dumpling-obsessed? A steamer will go down a treat. Hates peeling garlic? The Garject garlic press will change. His. Life. He’ll pop unpeeled garlic cloves in the compartment, press, and as he fully extends the handle – perfectly crushed garlic is automatically scraped off. Revolutionary!

If he likes to get experimental in the kitchen, give him a DIY kit to ferment, tinker and brew till his heart’s content. Mad Millie will help him make anything from limoncello to cheese to gin! For an affordable beer brew kit that includes bottles, we rate Mangrove Jack’s range.

And if dad loves to entertain, give him the chance to take things up a notch with a liquor dispenser. From refined, wood-oak wine barrels to novelty gas-pump tanks – give him the gift of serving his guests in his style (and perhaps even test out his own new brew!).

Whether it’s a Tojiro knife for the finest of slicing or a chopping board with a built-in tray – buying for the cuisine-keen dad is a cinch thanks to our wide range of cooking and baking items onsite.

Dads <3 gadgets. Simple as.

Father's Day gifts for the tech-savvy dad

From voice-controlled dash cams to a gimbal stabiliser for his phone – these nifty cameras and accessories will get you a big thumbs up from dad this year.

Alternatively these at-home weather stations are perfect for tech-savvy dads that love outdoor activities – he’ll be able to plan a sunny hike or time his windsurfing sesh perfectly. At the very least, he’ll know exactly when to hit record on that time lapse video!

For the sentimental dad with never-enough-storage – a smartphone printer offers the perfect solution to a modern day problem. Simply connect via Bluetooth and watch the memories print out.

Got a house-proud Pop? Get him some motion activated lights! Perfect for adding some style and functionality throughout the home, he’ll install them under the bed, down the corridor and in the bathroom.

Dad will love a magnetic wristband for his tools.

Father's Day gifts for the always on-the-go dad

Whether dad commutes every day or just loves to be on the move, he’s sure to appreciate these cool and convenient hacks.

A laptop charging backpack (or any power bank!) is a must-have for dads that commute or find themselves working everywhere, anywhere, all the time. Alternatively, a swish leather satchel or small crossbody bag will ensure he gets from A to B with his valuables (stylishly) secure at his side.

Our favourite gift for always-working-on-the-house dads are these magnetic wristbands. He won’t need to ask for a hand again, because he’ll have a third one – right there on his wrist!

Vacuum beer cooler + board games = happy dad.

Father's Day gifts for the dad that has everything

Sure, he might have everything, but does he know everything? Gift dad a nonfiction read or a pack of trivia cards (The Nile have a great range).

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about the punny dads out there. The card game Punderdome will give dad a free pass at making bad jokes (it’s literally the whole point of the game)!

Still trying to decide on what that ‘better gift’ could be? Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a Kindle case, phone case or a trusty wallet – replace that ‘thing’ that dad infamously runs into the ground for an easy but thoughtful Father's Day gift.

If dad's celebration style usually features a bevvie in hand, share in some quality time and cheers to his dad-ness with these vacuum beer coolers (perfect after a day hike together)

Whether you buy him something funny, thoughtful or practical, consider what makes dad unique, and celebrate him with a gift to match his awesomeness this Father's Day.

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