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The best suburbs in Christchurch to buy: Avonhead

Considering buying a house in Avonhead?

Last updated: 12 June 2024

Conveniently located for both Christchurch International Airport and the city itself, Avonhead is among the top 10 most searched Christchurch suburbs on Trade Me Property this year so far.

The Garden City on the whole has seen a substantial increase in demand from home buyers in recent months, leading to increasing property prices.. Our April Property Price Index, showed that Christchurch city property prices had increased 4% year-on-year, reaching an average asking price of $711,450 in March 2024.

If you’re considering buying property in Christchurch, we recommend skimming through a few of the articles in this series, where we explore the most popular suburbs among homebuyers. Our goal is to equip you with valuable information that will help steer you towards the suburb that best suits your need

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into why so many people are searching for homes for sale in Avonhead.

Avonhead, Christchurch: key info

The suburb takes its name from the Avon River, which starts life as the Ilam stream in modern day Avonhead before meandering its way down into central Christchurch.

According to the 2023 census, Avonhead is home to a population of 10,020 people, and has a population density of 2,358 people per square kilometre.

According to the most recent Trade Me Property data, the average property price in Avonhead is $748,700.

Why do people want to buy homes in Avonhead, Christchurch?

1. Green spaces and sports facilities

If proximity to green spaces is an important factor in deciding where to buy a house in Christchurch, you’ll be very well served in Avonhead.

Within the suburb’s boundaries are four expansive parks or reserves: Ferrier Park. Crosbie Park, Staveley Reserve and Avonhead Park.

Into your soccer? You’ll particularly enjoy Avonhead Park, where you’ll find goals set up for an evening or weekend kickabout with friends or the kids. If you’re more of a racket sports person, you’re also well catered for by Burnside Park (on Avonhead’s northern boundary) where you’ll find both a squash and tennis club. Another tennis club can be found in Crosbie Park, as well as a basketball court.

2. Education opportunities

If you’re on the lookout for a Christchurch suburb with great schools for kids of all ages, you’ll find plenty of options on offer in Avonhead. Among the schools and childcare facilities on offer in and around Avonhead. These include:

  • Merrin School Ngā Whetū Kohara
  • Avonhead Primary School
  • Russley School
  • Ilam Early Learning Centre
  • Kidsfirst Kindergartens Avonhead
  • Westburn School
  • Ilam School
  • Kirkwood Intermediate

You'll enjoy handy access to Christchurch International Airport from Avonhead.

3. Airport and city access

Christchurch International Airport is Aotearoa’s second biggest airport, after Auckland, with direct flights available to 18 domestic and 10 international destinations. If you need to fly often for work, or, if you just go on a lot of holidays, you’ll find Avonhead particularly well located for access to this important travel hub.

The north-western side of Avonhead borders directly onto the airport complex, meaning you can get from the heart of the suburb to the airport in just six minutes in a car or taxi, or 15 minutes on the bus.

If you’re more likely to be heading into the city centre, you’ll be able to get into town in between 15 – 30 minutes by car on a Monday morning, according to Google Maps. By bike, you can expect the same journey to take you about 26 minutes, while the bus is more in the 40 minute bracket.

4. Retail opportunities

Christchurch is known for its malls, and Avonhead is no exception, providing plenty of opportunities for those partial to a bit of retail therapy.

As well as its own small thriving shopping mall, Avonhead Mall, the suburb is close to two of the city’s main shopping malls, Westfield Riccarton and The Hub at Hornby. Between these two malls alone, you’ll find around 250 retail stores, as well as useful amenities such as banks and supermarkets.

When you combine this with the fact that Avonhead is served by its own medical centre, Avonhead Surgery, you’re covered for most of your main amenities within the suburb itself.

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