Weird and wonderful gift ideas

Don’t gift the ‘obvious’ this year! Get people talking with the fun and funky items in this guide to unique gift ideas.

Last updated: 16 October 2023

We’ve all got that one friend who dares to be different. For these people, conventional presents just won’t cut it. So, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or another special occasion, you know you need to think of some unique gift ideas to satisfy their weird whims.

Here are some oddities to get your creative juices flowing.

Unique and kooky decor

Impress the friend or family member who has everything with a chic or quirky home decor item. These are our fave finds:

Animal ornaments

For the lovers of all things nature, an out-there animal ornament could make the perfect addition to their house. From origami flamingos to resin dogs you’ll quickly become immersed in this weird and wonderful world.

Polaroid tissue dispenser

For a unique take on tissues and toilet paper, the Polaroll can be mounted in your bathroom or car. This retro dispenser is so bizarre, but somehow, it makes perfect sense.

NZ made neon sign

These limited edition, hand crafted neon glass lights made right here in Aotearoa aren’t your typical neon decor – you’ll find a neon blue Mount Everest, lightning bolts and even a Tiki available on site!

The Hobie Trek

Is it a paddleboard? Is it a kayak? Or a bike? What if we told you it’s all of the above…?! This is the most wonderful water toy we ever did see.

With a built-in seat and cup holder, this inflatable kayak is designed to be ridden like a bike. Perfect for taking those solo fishing adventures to the next level! Their pedal-powered stand-up paddleboard comes complete with a handlebar – power walking on water looks weird, but oh-so wonderful.

A pimple popping kit

For that friend that can’t get enough of poppin’ blackheads, a set of professional tools to get the job done will be highly appreciated #sorrynotsorry!

You could even glam up their present by choosing a gold-coloured metal extractor so they can pop their pimples in style. Or go all out with an electric deep-pore cleaner. You’re guaranteed to get everyone talking this year with this practical but peculiar gesture.

A funky mug

For a different gift idea with plenty of scope for a little humour, look no further than a mug – and we don’t just mean ones with wacky slogans.

Alternatively, creature cups from The Nile feature an adorable critter in the base of the cup which emerges slowly as you drink. Or check out our range of heat-change mugs for something a little offbeat.

A DIY gift

Give a strange or special gift this year with a DIY kit. Your lucky recipient can grow crystals, assemble wooden models (there are trains, mechanical globes and even gramophones!) or create their very own diamond mosaic art.

Himalayan salt stone grilling block

Give a strange or special gift this year with a DIY kit. Your lucky recipient can grow crystals, assemble wooden models (there are trains, mechanical globes and even gramophones!) or create their very own diamond mosaic art.

For a gift they won’t expect, how about a 250 million year old slab of pure himalayan mineral salt?

Weighing in at just below 4kg, you’re guaranteed to have everyone guessing what this heavy gift could be! These mineral grilling blocks infuse incredible flavour into your meals too, so no doubt it’ll be made the most of at their next dinner party.

A bluetooth beanie

If they’ve already got a pair of headphones and a UE boom, surprise them with a bluetooth beanie which features built-in speakers! Strange, but so sensible!

A Christmas sweater

Nothing says equal parts weird and wonderful like an ugly sweater! You’ll find all kinds of Christmas jerseys on site featuring pugs, Pikachu and even Will Ferrell – we reckon an ugly sweater is a laugh all year round, not just at Christmas

Ride-on toys

From Audi to Jeep – our range of ride-on cars feature all the bells and whistles! From an MP3 sound system to four-wheel suspension and even an adults’ ‘override’ remote. You’ll find pink 4WD’s, tractors and even luxury, licensed Mercedez – if this wonderful gift idea doesn’t excite the kids, we don’t know what will!

Whether you want them to say ‘whoa!’ or ‘...that’s weird,’ let these unique and wonderful gift ideas inspire you to gift outside the box.

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