New feature – Messages

Trading just got easier!

Introducing Messages

We’re always looking for ways we can make buying and selling even easier for Kiwis. That’s why we've launched a new feature called Messages which makes it fast and easy for members to communicate within the Trade Me app after a purchase has been made.

Messages is available for trades that were:

  • Listed by a casual seller, in a general Marketplace or Motors category 
  • Both listed and purchased using the Trade Me app (v108.2 or later, make sure your app is updated)
  • Trades won by auction, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Make an Offer’
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Why can’t I send my bank account details? 

Make sure your account number is formatted correctly with dashes: XX-XXXX-XXXXXXX-XXX

What am I able to use Messages for?
Initiate a post-purchase conversation with a seller to organise delivery, exchange phone numbers, addresses and tracking numbers etc.

Can I share my physical address or ask for another member’s physical address in Messages?
Yes you can

Why can’t I send a message?
Keeping your personal information safe is our number one priority so you can’t share your full name, email, credit card details, images or links – read more about our privacy policy here. You can still email each other as normal. 

You won’t be able to send a message if a member has blocked you from sending messages.

Why is it available for some of my trades but not others?
Messages won't be available if the listing isn't eligible. Professional sellers aren't eligible. To be eligible, the listing must be in a general Marketplace or Motors category, and both listed and purchased on the Trade Me app. If Messages aren't available, you can use email to communicate.

When will this tool be available for use in the pre-purchase stage?
We don’t have any plans to introduce this for pre-purchase communication at this stage. We’d recommend using our Q&A function which is available on all listings

I still have questions, can you help?
You can read further information in our Help Centre, if you can't find what you're looking for in our Help Centre or Community, you can get in touch.

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