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Trade Me's Top 10 Listings of 2022

Unveiling the quirky, charitable, and downright hilarious – the most viewed Trade Me listings of the year are here!

21 December 2022

In a year marked by challenges, Trade Me members showcased their generosity, with seven out of the top ten listings supporting various charities. From political banter to DIY creations, 2022's Trade Me listings truly reflect the unique and resilient spirit of Aotearoa.

1. Ardern, Seymour Join Forces for Pricks Everywhere

Political rivals unite on Trade Me for a framed transcript fundraiser.

Views: 436,000
Sale Price: $100,100
Location: Auckland

In a surprising twist, a framed and signed printout of the infamous Parliamentary transcript took the top spot. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and ACT Party Leader David Seymour united on Trade Me to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, bringing a festive spirit to political banter.

2. DIY 'Spoat': A Spa in the Shape of a Boat

DIY brilliance: 'Spoat' spa boat lights up Trade Me with Kiwi ingenuity.

Views: 143,798
Sale Price: $9,538
Location: Northland

Matt's DIY project, the 'spoat,' a spa cleverly crafted from a salvaged boat, captured the hearts of Kiwi. With a built-in cooler, sound system, and dazzling lights, this unique creation sold for just under $10,000 after 143,798 views.

3. Charity Carrot Auction

Cheeky and charitable – phallic carrot auction supports prostate cancer.

Views: 136,156
Sale Price: $275
Location: Nelson Bays

A phallic-shaped carrot took third place, raising eyebrows and $275 for prostate cancer research. A testament to Kiwi humour, this unusual vegetable garnered attention and support for a good cause – raising funds for prostate cancer research.

4. Military Grade Tin Foil

Lockdown laughs with 'Military Grade Tin Foil' – Kiwi humour at its best.

Views: 115,905
Sale Price: $400
Location: Wairarapa

Making light of the 2022 lockdowns, Kiwi ingenuity shone through with the listing of Military Grade Tin Foil. This unconventional item fetched $400 and became a symbol of humour during challenging times. Better yet, all proceeds went to St John.

5. Dark Lord's Bounty - Gluten-Free Vegemite

Quirky and elusive – 'Dark Lord's Bounty' gluten-free Vegemite tickles taste buds.

Views: 79,672
Sale Price: $66.66
Location: Wellington

The elusive "Dark Lord's Bounty," a.k.a Gluten-Free Vegemite, garnered attention with its $66.66 price tag. A quirky listing that tickled the funny bone of thousands of Kiwi. The seller used the winning bid amount to make up parcels to donate to their local food bank.

6. Covid the RAT

'Covid the RAT' brings pandemic wit to Trade Me during challenging times.

Views: 71,445
Sale Price: $205
Location: Canterbury

Even amidst a pandemic, Kiwi found humour in the 'Covid the RAT' listing. With 71,445 views, this quirky rodent showcased the resilience and wit of New Zealanders during challenging times.

7. Lady Grapefruit

Fruity flair for charity – 'Lady Grapefruit' supports Endometriosis New Zealand.

Views: 61,506
Sale Price: $71
Location: Auckland

June saw an unusually shaped Lady Grapefruit steal the spotlight. With hips that "don't lie," this fruity auction raised funds for Endometriosis New Zealand, supporting wāhine living with the invisible illness.

8. The Last Can of Black V????

Nostalgic vibes – the (possibly) Last Can of Black V raises funds for Gumboot Friday.

Views: 59,439
Sale Price: $280
Location: Auckland

Chris listed the Last Can of Black V (allegedly) with hopes of a nostalgic comeback, selling for $280 after 71 bids. Kiwi flocked for a laugh, contributing to a fundraiser for very worthy cause: Gumboot Friday.

9. 3D Printed Anatomical Model

Educational and humorous – 3D Printed Anatomical Model stands out on Trade Me.

Views: 44,527
Sale Price: $2,105
Location: Auckland

An educational twist landed the 3D Printed Anatomical Model in the ninth spot. With 44,527 views, this unique auction combined learning and humour, fundraising for the Association for Women in the Sciences with a final bid of $2,105.

10. Authentic Mortuary Table

Spooky bidding – Authentic Mortuary Table adds Halloween charm to Trade Me.

Views: 43,504
Sale Price: $780
Location: Waikato

Rounding out the top 10, the Authentic Mortuary Table gained attention during the lead-up to All Hallow's Eve. With 43,504 views, this rare porcelain table found a new home for $780, adding a touch of spookiness to Trade Me's 2022 listings.