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What’s hot on Trade Me - April 2021

Trade Me users list amazing things and April 2021 didn't disappoint

17 May 2021

Whether it’s making the ordinary extraordinary, finding something truly unique, or jumping on a trend that’s gripping New Zealand, Trade Me’s members listed some amazing items in April.

The "possessed" Panasonic microwave

Possessed Panasonic Microwave

We’ve seen our share of possessed items over the last couple of decades, including a possessed printer – which is the second most popular listing of all time. Last month though, it was the turn of a possessed Panasonic microwave

The seller said it beeps at random intervals, continuously cooks, and randomly stops. They’d had enough and wanted it out of their house. Described as the “perfect gift for frenemies and enemies alike,” it captured the imagination of many members – racking up more than 38,500 views, 346 watchlists, 41 bids and sold for $64. 

An impressive sum for a microwave that was described as having no cooking power! We wish the new owner all the luck in the world with this scary item.

Joe Moody’s 100th game jersey

Joe Moody's 100th game jersey

Obviously, rugby is pretty popular in New Zealand. The national obsession brings us back time and time again to watch big humans crash into each other in the quest for sporting excellence. 

Crusader and All Black prop Joe Moody notched up his 100th game recently, which is quite the feat! Being the good Kiwi lad that he is, Joe saw this as an opportunity to raise some money for a cause close to his heart. 

Joe listed his game jersey, with every cent going to the NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation. Unfortunately Joe lost his father, Tony, to prostate cancer last year. He knew the great work the foundation does, through personal experience and wanted to give back. 

The combination of some great memorabilia and an awesome cause struck home with New Zealanders. Joe’s jersey got over 27,500 views, 137 bids and sold for $11,050. A great result for the charity.

Presidential Christmas card?

The Whitehouse Christmas card?

It’s not everyday you see a Presidential Christmas card, let alone have the opportunity to buy one. That very opportunity was given to Kiwis last month, when a seller from Nelson listed what looked like a Whitehouse Christmas card. 

The seller was very open – they had no idea if it was authentic or not, but they were keen for the market to tell them if this was the real deal, and if they were willing to pay for it. 

The card, which was, allegedly, from disgraced President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat, was extremely popular. It got over 10,000 views and sold for $113. 

We still don’t know if it’s the real deal, but it is pretty darn cool.

Covid crushing

A popular and slightly different art piece

The unexpected result of 2020 was a niche market for super hero art that depicts the Director General of Health and the Prime Minister. 

We’ve seen a LOT of fan art auctions featuring Dr Ashley and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern lately, but this latest one is next level. In this version Dr Bloomfield was dressed as Superman holding a depiction of Covid-19 above his head while the Prime Minister rides a giant kiwi dressed as Wonder Woman. Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. 

You can never tell how a listing is going to play out, but this one found it’s audience. It had 3,600 views and 84 bids with the seller taking home $615. Someone out there has quite the statement piece.

Henry the hero

Henry the Smart

When you go above and beyond to get your listing noticed, chances are New Zealanders are gonna dig it. That was certainly the case when Henry the Hero came into our lives. 

Henry is a lime green Smartcar. Nothing to write home about right? Wrong. Henry’s seller was intent on getting him noticed, and boy did it work. Henry was photoshopped into some pretty amazing photos – he can surf, he’s seen polar bears, and he’s jumped rally cars. 

Not bad, right? 

Henry was a massive hit. He got over 28,500 views, and after plenty of bids sold for $2,580 dollars. A real example of how making the ordinary extraordinary can push up interest (and the sale price) of something on Trade Me. 

Go well Henry, we hope there are plenty more adventures to come.

Pods, pods, and more pods

The discontinued treat of the moment

Pods are a crispy confectionery with some of your favourite chocolate bar flavours stored inside. A really luxurious treat, if you will. Unfortunately they can’t have been loved enough, as it was announced they were to be discontinued.

This set off a flurry of concern amongst pod heads around the country who were snapping up bags of their favourite treats before they were no longer available. It also presented an opportunity for some savvy sellers to see if they could make a buck.

In short order, over 40 pod auctions appeared, including this little beauty for 10 bags. As the seller said “If you ever feel empty in life, all you need is pods, pods and more pods.” With over 17,000 views and a sale price of $100 there were certainly people who agreed!

It’s not the first time we’ve seen rare confectionery gather plenty of interest. In 2008 when news broke that Pascalls were no longer going to be making a range of loved lollies, we saw 20 bags of Snifters sell for $170 and 12 pots of Tangy fruits for $100. While in 2018 a block of Cadbury Caramilk sold for $50.

Vampire slaying kit

Vampire slaying kit

When you’ve been New Zealand’s largest online marketplace for over 20 years you kind of figure you’ve seen it all – until something truly unique rears its head.

Ever seen an 18th Century Vampire Slaying Kit? Well neither had we until one emerged on site.

This handmade kit had a customised wooden mallet (for “staking creatures of the night”), three anti-Vampire vials (garlic, mustard seeds/cloves and holy water), a full sized wooden crucifix (anointed with holy water) and three hand carved wooden stakes (made from native New Zealand hardwoods).

The seller from Auckland’s North Shore felt their Vampire killing days were done and it was time to pass on the torch. Like a legend.

Kiwis loved the auction – it got over 16,000 views and 190 watchlists. Despite getting 7 bids it didn’t reach its reserve of $200 and remains unsold. We really hope it gets listed again, lest What We Do In The Shadows becomes reality...