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Nissan Pathfinder 2006 Fq

The Nissan Pathfinder is a tough and capable large SUV. It is costly to run and not particularly spacious.

Subaru Exiga 2009 F1

The Subaru Exiga is more car-like than other seven-seat vehicles. Choose the more powerful versions if you can as the base model lacks power.

Honda Inspire 2011 Fq

The Honda Inspire offers space, performance and safety at a relatively low purchase price. If you can handle the six-cylinder fuel bill, it could be a good buy.

Toyota Wish 2009 Fq

The Toyota Wish is a small yet very functional people mover. It seats seven, however, many of those passengers will need to be small.

Nissan Cube 2007 Fq

The Nissan Cube is spacious and fun to look at. You have to like the looks, as it is otherwise not great to drive.

Nissan Note Epower 2017 F

The Nissan Note is a small car with medium-size car interior space. The ePower version has many of the benefits of an electric vehicle.

Bmw X5 2005 Fq

The BMW X5 offers prestige, comfort and performance at a relatively low price point. Service and repair costs are very high.

Subaru Xv 2013 Fq

The Subaru XV is a small hatchback with the ride height looks of an SUV. It is a brilliant combination of both.

Toyota Priusc 2014 Fq

With its compact, city-friendly size and frugal yet zippy hybrid drivetrain, the Prius C is a great small car.

Kia Soul Ev 2015 Fq

The Kia Soul EV is a funky small electric hatchback with a little SUV style. Other EVs offer more range for the money.

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