Top 10 cool tech ideas for Christmas presents this year

You won’t have to blow your budget to blow their mind this Christmas.

Last updated: 29 October 2023

We’ve searched high and low for the most affordable in trending tech and we’re stoked to say it – cheap doesn’t equal bad! Read on for our round-up of the best trending Christmas present ideas for tech lovers (that are surprisingly affordable)!

Create that golden hour glow in your home.

1. Sunset LED projector

We’re absolutely smitten with this sunset projector and your giftee will be too! This USB-powered light projects a circular, warm light to create a gorgeous and glowing atmosphere.

Because you can create and extend ‘golden hour’ for as long as you like, the sunset projector lamp is a thoughtful gift for people who don’t have much natural light in their home, or… for those who love a sunlit selfie.

PS: Sunset lamps also come in a cute robot variation. PPS: We’re obsessed.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

2. Smart lighting

A must in the modern home of the tech-obsessed. Smart LED lighting is slowly making its way into just about every Kiwi home. And they're surprisingly affordable.

There's a huge range of options, all the way up to full RGB colour-changing WiFi-controlled lights. Switch up the mood in an instant via an app, or ask Alexa, Google, or Siri – depending on the model and their setup.

For lamps and older homes, a bayonet or screw-in bulb will do the trick. For newer homes with built-in lighting, these recessed lights will look great. Just make sure they're installed by a licensed electrician if they're not being plugged into a standard wall socket.

Bear in mind that some models will require a hub, while others just need a regular WiFi connection.

Let them take their music with them.

3. Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Do you have a friend who loves music? Loves the outdoors? This is the gift for them. With a Boom 3, they can take their music to the poolside, to the beach, out camping, virtually anywhere.

The Boom is super portable, has a long battery life, and best of all is waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof. Perfect for festivalgoers and campers. With 360º sound and the ability to pair up with other Ultimate Ears speakers, this is the perfect gift for someone who loves to take the party with them.

If you've got a bigger budget, you could also consider some of the beefier models, like the Megaboom and Hyperboom. There's something for everyone.

Turn their phone into a pro camera.

4. Phone camera lens kit

If you’d love to buy them a camera for Christmas, but a DSLR is way out of budget – try these professional lens kits to transform their phone into a professional HD camera instead.

Whether they’re a hobbyist, budding photographer or simply a creative type – the 10-in-1 phone lens kit includes a wide lens, fish-eye lens, macro lens and more. It also comes with a year-long warranty, an easy-to-use clamp and a small travel case. Snap!

No more losing those keys.

5. Tile mate

Tile trackers are a thoughtful gift – and not just for forgetful peeps. Sure, they’re great for those who are prone to losing their keys, but tile mates can also be used on a pet’s collar, in their car, or stitched into the lining of that toy their child seems to always lose.

Smart up thier home!

6. Amazon Echo Dot 5

When it comes to smart home systems, the Echo Dot 5 offers great value for money.

With just your voice, you can control your smart lights, play or pause music, start a timer, set an alarm, get a weather report, ask for a measurement conversion and more. Alexa will even tell you a joke!

It’s a calculator, a dictionary, and, well – it’s the internet. Coming in at a steal of a price, the Echo Dot 5 is a great gift for someone who's keen to give a smart home system a whirl.

Listening on the go has never been easier.

7. Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds

Don’t be fooled by their price – the Xiaomi Redmi Buds are as epic as they are affordable.

As well as delivering great sound, these bluetooth headphones offer up to nine hours of listening time (depending on the exact model) in the earbud, and four full charges in the case.

What do teenagers want for Christmas? Music to their ears – that’s what!

Let them take their favourite films with them.

8. Mini projector

Whether they use it to project a vibey video at a party or bring it on their next camping adventure – this mini projector is powered by a power bank, so great for use wherever there’s no electricity.

It can connect to everything from smartphones to laptops, tablets and USB sticks. The projector does not have its own battery though; it needs a 5V/2A power source such as a wall charger or power bank – check out PB tech for their great range.

Your travel loving tech guru will be over the moon with this present.

9. AirFly

If their first overseas trip since Covid is on the cards, give them the gift of a great flight with an AirFly. They simply plug this popular Christmas gift into the dashboard of their inflight-entertainment and connect their headphones, via bluetooth, to the AirFly.

Yes, you read that correctly – the in-flight entertainment onboard still doesn’t support bluetooth! The AirFly will let them dodge the painful experience of wearing those complimentary (and perpetually faulty) headphones. They’ll be grateful to you all flight long.

You can also check out these items you forgot you needed to travel for some handy travel gifts or great stocking fillers.

Nostalgia combined with technology? Yes please!

10. Instax

Looking for a Christmas present idea for someone who is hard to buy for? The Instax Mini makes a super fun and foolproof gift for teens and adults alike. They feature a built-in selfie button and there are no settings – just point and snap – literally anyone can use it!

The nostalgia factor, combined with the added fun of being able to share print-outs with friends will make this a favourite gift this Christmas.

We’re convinced this prezzy will win the show, and your wallet will thank you for it too.

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