Buying guide

What’s the right car for you?

Buying your first car, adding to the family fleet or replacing your current one? There are lots of things to consider.

Whether you’re buying your first car, adding to the family fleet or replacing your current one – there are always certain features to look for. The best place to start is by thinking about why you need to buy a car in the first place.

Ask yourself this question before starting your search and you’ll easily narrow down the hunt and find your perfect ride. Always keep in mind your budget, safety rating, reliability and if it’s the right fit for you.

So, why are you getting this car?

There are a few categories that most modern cars fall into such as family cars, first cars, commuting cars, city cars, rough vehicles and eco-friendly versions. Have a look at the cars under the categories that work best for you and read our reviews for extra info on each. Remember, these are just suggestions to get you started and there are lots of other makes and models you can go for.

Family cars

You’re in luck as there’s a huge range to choose from, including 7 seaters, crossovers (when the car body and frame are one piece), sports engines, high safety ratings and fuel economy models. There are lots of options to consider but start off by taking a look at these to see if they’re right for your family.

First cars

The time has come and you’re ready to buy your first car! This is a big milestone and you’ll want to get a car that suits your needs. Always consider the safety rating, affordability and reliability before looking at style. To get you started, try researching these models and see what you like best.

Commuting cars

This type of car will be used almost every day – whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or sitting in rush hour traffic, you’ll want something enjoyable to drive that’s also fuel-efficient. Look into these picks and see if they work for you.

City cars

City cars are specially designed to run in downtown areas. Most of the time they’re smaller and great at getting you to your destination with minimal fuss. They’re also the best for parking in small places. Here are a few to get you started.

Tough vehicles

Need to get the job done or have a little fun without worrying about power? You’ll be using your vehicle for work or weekend off-roading adventures, so need something strong and with adequate safety systems? These rough ‘n’ tough beauties have got you covered.

Eco-friendly cars

If petrol prices have you at your wits’ end, or if you want to help make the planet a greener place, then an electric vehicle might be your destiny. Here are a few to take a look at.

If you’re still not sure what type of car will best suit your lifestyle, try to focus on what features you want the car to have. We’ve got some tips for starting your search this way – or jump right in and read some used car reviews.