Work life

Simple tips and tricks to successfully manage your career. 

Workplace tips & wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing at work shouldn't be ignored. Here are some strategies for putting yourself before your job.

Careers advice | 3 min read
Making the most of your annual leave in 2024 (including regional anniversary days)

Time to get those calendars out.

7 November 2023

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to take advantage of a hot job market

The chances of an opportunity coming your way have never been higher.

Careers advice | 10 min read
Signs of burnout and how to avoid it

25% of job hunters feel burnt out in their current position, our experts are here to help.

3 May 2023

Changing careers

A successful change in direction comes with careful planning and research – yours can start here!

Careers advice | 4 min read
Should I change jobs? What you need to consider

Changing jobs is a big call. So, before you make the leap, ask yourself these important questions.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to write a resignation letter (with example)

Writing a resignation letter is considered best practice when leaving a job in New Zealand.

Careers advice | 3 min read
How to turn a contract role into a permanent one

Follow these three simple rules.

Growing your skills

Whether you are looking to progress further in your job or change career paths altogether, growing your skillset will give you an upper-hand. Read our tips to see how to succeed.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to improve your career development: a guide

Your guide to getting ahead.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to upskill yourself

A guide to professional leveling up

Careers advice | 5 min read
What does it take to be a CEO? Insights from Trade Me's Anders Skoe

Practical tips and personal experiences from the head of Trade Me.

Managing job loss

Losing your job can be a highly stressful experience. Here are some stepping stones to help you get back on your feet.

Careers advice | 4 min read
What to do after you've been fired in NZ

Everything you do now needs to build towards your next move.

Careers advice | 4 min read
Redundancy rights in NZ: a guide for employees

Here are the answers to some common questions on redundancy.

Careers advice | 2 min read
Explaining redundancy in a job application

Here’s how to get this right.

Taking leave

How to make the most of your time off and return to the workforce with style!

Careers advice | 1 min read
Writing a return to work letter after maternity leave (with example)

A simple guide to getting these letters right.

Careers advice | 1 min read
Returning to work after long illness: our guide

Here’s how to prepare.

Careers advice | 4 min read
How to ask for time off successfully (with example)

Taking holiday in New Zealand is a legal right, but many of us still find asking awkward.