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Key skills required for warehousing jobs in NZ

What skills does a warehouse worker need?

We get a lot of warehousing jobs popping up on Trade Me Jobs, so if this is a sector you’re interested in working in, you’ll probably have a great selection of employers to choose from.

That said, warehousing jobs are popular, so you’ll need to make sure your job application is screaming all of your relevant skills and experience from the highest mountain top. But what if you’re not sure what basic warehouse skills employers are looking for?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, keep reading for a comprehensive list of the capabilities bosses look for in this sector.

What skills does a warehouse worker need?

1. Organisation

In many ways, warehouses are giant cabinets, and if you’re going to be an effective team member in a setting like this, being organised will certainly help in your day-to-day tasks.

These days, organisation tends to include a degree of tech savviness. The vast majority of modern warehouses base their operation on some form of technology that allows the easy location of specific items within the warehouse. For entry-level roles, it’s unlikely that you’d be expected to have knowledge of some of the more advanced technologies, but being computer literate will certainly be a good start! Other than that, demonstrating a willingness to learn and an ability to pick-up new things on the fly will also stand you in good stead.

2. Quality standards

Depending on your precise role within the warehouse, you may be responsible for assessing the quality of the products coming into the facility.

As well as a keen eye for detail, this will mean keeping up-to-date with the latest industry standards that pertain to the product your warehouse deals with.

You may be responsible for checking the quality of the products in your warehouse.

3. Problem solving skills

Whether it’s a misplaced delivery or a breakdown in a supply chain, in large operations like warehouses, it’s inevitable that things will go wrong from time-to-time.

What your boss will want to see in such situations is that you can keep a cool head, and find a solution that gets things back on track. Another important part of this process is prioritisation. A common behavioural interview question for warehouse jobs regards how you would prioritise between two important tasks to ensure that the most important tasks are achieved.

4. Physical fitness

It’s not just mental agility you’ll need to be a great warehouse employee. Many of the roles you’ll see on offer in warehouses will require long days on your feet as well as some heavy lifting. Now, we’re not saying you need to be Olympic athlete level fit, but you’ll definitely be getting your steps in!

5. Health and safety know-how

Heavy machinery and heavy lifting means there are plenty of risks involved with warehousing jobs. We’re not telling you this to put you off, but knowledge of health and safety best practices will certainly be useful. If you have the opportunity, taking a first aid or health and safety course can be a good way to stand out from other applicants applying for the same role.

6. Ability to work at speed

Punctuality is important in many roles, but particularly in warehouse environments, where there are so many balls in the air at one time, and everything needs to happen according to strict timelines.

Again, this will feed back to your organisational skills, as this logistical basis will enable a more efficient workflow, both for you as an individual, and also the wider team. Of course, working quickly can’t come at the expense of accuracy, so attention to detail will be paramount at all times.

Teamwork is essential for an efficient workflow in a warehouse environment.

7. Communication and teamwork

Warehouse environments involve many moving parts in order to operate efficiently, and this means that the ability to relay and absorb information will be key to your role.

On busy days, you’ll likely be dealing with multiple inbound and outbound shipments, which will mean communicating with multiple drivers, as well as the rest of the team within your facility to ensure everything moves smoothly.

8. Showing intuition

As you’ve probably realised by now, efficiency is hugely important to warehousing operations. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your ideas if you think of ways to improve the way things are done that will lead to process improvements.

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