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Why did Trade Me remove Halo 4?


You may have noticed that there were no copies of Halo 4 being sold on Trade Me on Tuesday  6 November – the game’s launch day.

This came as a result of an approach from the Department of Internal Affairs who advised us that there was an issue with the classification of the game.

Following the game’s midnight release, it has now been retrospectively classified to be R13.

The NZ classification regime means the blue coloured Australian ‘M’ labels are not compatible so the copies offered for sale in NZ with this blue label are in breach of the Film Video and Publications Classification Act 1993.

This meant that games offered for sale on Trade Me had to be removed until they had the proper R13 label either affixed or displayed on the game’s slick.

If you have a copy of Halo 4 to sell (or any other video game that needs a label) you can approach the Film Video Labelling Body for advice on how to obtain the correct label.

Update:  Trade Me is allowing approved retailers to list Halo 4 on the condition the units are not shipped until the label is affixed. This requirement will be reflected in the body of the individual listings. 

Update 2: If you have a copy of the game without the correct label, Microsoft have advised you should contact Xbox customer support for one. 

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