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MotorWeb welcomes Richard Lane

Introducing MotorWeb's new Business Development Manager, Richard Lane.

The team at MotorWeb would like to introduce you to our new Business Development Manager, Richard Lane. 

Richard has a strong background working with kiwi businesses, helping them utilise investments in tech to deliver security and productivity within their organisation, and maximising their return on investment for that tech. He sees the same opportunities for his relationships with MotorWeb customers, and is looking forward to helping dealers trade safe and efficiently.

Simplifying the process of reducing risk

One in three vehicles checked by MotorWeb is flagged by the NZTA as having money owing, an inconsistent odometer, or has been reported stolen. As an automotive dealer, failing to run a thorough history check before purchasing a vehicle is quite risky. 

MotorWeb produces the most comprehensive Vehicle Information Report (VIR) in New Zealand, delivering the vehicle info you need to trade safely and confidently within 15 seconds.

Not sure what a trade-in vehicle is worth?

We can help with that. The MotorWeb VIR now includes our “Trade Me Valuation” which will give you a low, mid and high value range of that vehicle based on previous Trade Me listings to give you peace of mind when trading in a vehicle. We'll also let you know whether that particular vehicle has been listed on Trade Me before, the latest date it was listed and the listing price.

Get in touch with Richard

Reach out to Richard today at for any queries around MotorWeb, and how it can help you trade.

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