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Scout: Candidate Database

Scout is Trade Me Jobs' easy-to-use candidate database with profiles of active NZ job hunters as well as passive ones.

Why do I need to use Scout?

  • Scout is an extremely effective and efficient tool. It gives you access to both blue and white-collar candidates in all industries.
  • Scout allows you to proactively search and contact the right candidates and includes both active job hunters as well as the all-important passive talent pool. You can even see when job hunters were last checking out a job listing, so you know if they’re looking for a new role. 
  • Scout gives you control of your recruitment and the ability to improve your hiring process! Ultimately, Scout flips recruitment on its head and enables you to go to the candidate rather than waiting for the candidate to come to you.

How do I use it?

Scout is incredibly easy! 

All you need to do is log in and start searching. You can search using single words or using a specific phrase.

Once you've found the right candidate, you can access their contact details and reach out. You can contact them any way you like, phone, text, email - and you can even invite them to your job listing on Trade Me for them to apply with ease.

Our top 5 tips for using Scout:

  • Pick up the phone: Scout gives you the ability to proactively source candidates and there is no better way to reach out to a job hunter than by calling them.
  • Think about what a candidate might include in their CV: When you search on Scout it searches the whole CV so rather than just searching the job title, get creative!
  • Be prepared: Candidates are going to want to know why you're calling so make sure you have a position to talk about, something that will excite them.
  • Save your search: Have a role you recruit for often? Make sure you save your search so you can quickly bring it up to find the latest talent.
  • Reach active job hunters before your competitors: Don't forget to take advantage of the 'last active' feature to stay on top of job hunters who are new to their job search.

Please check our packages page to find out if Scout is included in your package.

*Source: Trade Me site data, May 2022.

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